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Another year, another 24th Posted 2 years ago
Well just wanted wish all of you a merry Christmas or happy holidays if it isn't your thing, a good new year and a good continue.
Got tired of seeing the old journal all the time. Posted 3 years ago
Ummm...Hi, everyone that have been watching me for a while and everyone that have just started to watch me thanks. So since I missed the traditional happy New Year greetings through the journal storm, I can only wish you all a happy continue on this year. So with all my babbling out of the way I can get to the points I want to talk about.

Just curious, should I keep adding them to the vore, related images I have in my gallery or should I just simply stop or do you guys want to see it increased in usage? Do they even show up?

Yeah, I do them now and then but this is more an explanation to why I might not have respond to notes involving that subject, it is mostly due to heavily mood swings, one day I can be at the top but the...
[ Continued ... ]
Wind of change Posted 5 years ago
Well this might come as a shook for most of you but I 'am going to change fursona, if you wonder why it is because of something that have happened IRL that have turned my world upside-down, which have made me unable to relate to Luke anymore but I'm not removing him from my roster of characters. I don't want to talk about what happened and I wish those that know what happened will remain silent.
Help is needed Posted 6 years ago
Hello all, I really need some help from you girls. I’m currently looking for an artist that are good at drawing taurs and/or slimes, so I wonder if you Girls and guys know someone and could link their accounts in the comments. ^^
Thanks. Posted 6 years ago
Hello, well since it is my first journal I would like to first thank you all for your warm welcoming to Fa and ask you girls and guys a question, which one of my character would you girls and guys like to see more off? Or if you just want to ask me questions.