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Feedback and Story Suggestions Posted 1 month ago

I was just curious, which of my stories would all of you be interested in seeing a sequel to? And what kind of stories would you like to see me write in the future as well? I'm curious and hearing people being interested in my work hella motivates me to actually sit down and write.

Black "Voidcat"
So I finally uploaded stuff Posted 4 months ago
I might have jumpscared a few people who followed me years ago while I was an empty userpage lmao
Discord Posted 1 year ago
Since I'm rarely a fan of DMing on Eka's, feel free to shoot me a friend request @Supermassive Black Hole#8048 on Discord. Thx!
To all the wonderful people in chat Posted 3 years ago
Stop worrying all the time.

When you're talking to someone in a chat, you're limited in your ability to communicate. This is not an accusation, no one can exactly predict how a text will be understood. That's what we have intonation, body language, and a lot of other things for in real life. We just can't see that in chat.

Also, we all have lives of our own. No need to worry about ditching chat when something urgent or important comes up. If you're feeling guilty, just make a small apology and maybe explain what happened.

So if you're misunderstood or something arises mid RP or whenever else, don't beat yourself up over it. We've all probably been there.

Also, you're not obligated to continue an RP, if you're uncomfortable or bored, say...
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