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I created a Patreon and SubscribeStar Posted 10 months ago
I'm not paywalling any content I make for them. They will just be released at a later date. I was thinking about a month at the minimum.

They are both still WIPs at the moment and might change a little based on feedback. (Feel free to share I'm open to ideas or suggestions to make them better.) There will be no difference in what I post between them, one if a backup for the other, or if you prefer one over the other. Oh another thing I know that most of what I post online is vore or some other fetish material, and I have fun creating it, I don't plan on these becoming what I get commissioned to make. A lot of art I want to make, but never have much time for them, is much more tame than that, hahaha.

One idea is have people make suggestions and vote on the...
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Late January Updates! Queue, Art, Animation, etc. (Commissions are CLOSED.) Posted 11 months ago
Commissions as the title says are closed at the moment. They will probably open back up in a few weeks, sometime during February. So keep an eye out if you want to get one from me.

And here is a little more info for coms with me. I have no limits on what I will draw only what I will post online. If you are wanting to commission me, when I am open for them, please skip the small talk, like “hi, how are you?” and whatnot. I don’t care for it, and I am not far off from just blocking people that can’t be bothered to read. Please just get to the point and tell what you are wanting to get from me, or just ask about commissions being open. I'm sorry if it comes off as rude. I’m normally very busy, so please don’t waste my time!

On another note I will probably make a...
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Butts Posted 7 years ago
Anything and everything about them. Butts are the best <3