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Commissions are now close Posted 5 years ago
Greeting to all!

I really did not expect to get so many commissions in just a short time. XD

So for now commissions are close again.

Thanks to all who commission me I will deliver your drawings and comics. ^^
Story Contest Results Posted 6 years ago
Greetings to all!

Much like the title says, this is to announce the winner of the story contest I did some time ago, the one where the story that won would get turned into a full color comic made by me. I have read all the stories and there were a lot of good ones, sadly I must choose only one, and so the winner is: *drum roll*

Sashalasha, from Furaffinity!

I have already made contact with her and we have started planning and working on the comic. The cover will be uploaded within this week.
Now, as I said on the rules, the comic will be first uploaded on my Patreon and eventually will be posted here too, of course.

Again I want to thank all those that participated in this contest. Maybe in the future I will do another one so that...
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Commissions are close Posted 6 years ago
Greeting to all!

Now much to say, the title speaks for itself. XD

I want to thanks everyone that commission me and I will get them all done. As soon as I finish every commission I have to do. I will open them again.

Cheers! :D
Stream Time! :D Posted 6 years ago
Greetings to all!

Just though I sould let you all know. Gonna do a Stream! The date will be on Saturday, May 14th, at UTC 19:00 PM, and everyone is welcome! :D
Contest Story Ended Posted 6 years ago
Greetings to all!

So the contest is now officialy closed. Now is the time were I will read all the stories I got sent and, as I promised, the winner will have his/her story turned into a full color comic drawn by me.

I am rather happy with the result of this first contest, a total of 14 people sent their stories! So I will have a lot to read in the next couple of weeks ^^

I will announce the winner after I am done reading and reviewing all the stories.

All the best of luck to all contestants and thank you all for participating!

Cheers to all!
Commissions with Discount March Posted 6 years ago
Greeting to all!

This month I thought I could offer a discount on the prices of my commissions, so yeah, during March my commissions will be cheaper than they normally are. Why? Well because I am really happy with an art deal I close this month that will help to continue to bring more art and comics. ^^

How does it work?
You send to my mail ([email protected]) Or you can also sent me a PM or Note on what you would like me to draw, that is, a detail description of the image and the characters you want. If you have any image reference of the characters please provide them. Once I receive payment I will make a preliminary sketch of the drawing you want and send it to you, when you...
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CONTEST: Your Story into a Comic! Posted 6 years ago
Greeting to all!
Ok so, I have never done this before, but I will give it a try. I wanted to do a contest, a writing contest to be more precise. In a very basic way, those interested would write a story and I will select one of them that will win. The winner gets their story turned into a full color comic drawn by me, yep, you read that right, a full color comic. :D

Now, I plan to make this comic for my Patreon after “Conall’s Vorem” is finished, meaning this comic would be uploaded first in my Patreon and, after sometime, will eventually be uploaded on my other art sites like Eka, Furaffinity, DA and so on.

The rules are that the story must be a one-shot, which...
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Commissions are now OPEN!!! With Bonus!!! Posted 6 years ago
Well, it has been sometime, but now I can finally open commissions again and this time I bring a special treat for those that commission from me.

The special treat is that I will guaranty that you will get your commission in 1 week. If I don’t deliver your commission within a week I will sent you your money back and you will also get the drawing, means you get the drawing for free. I’m doing this because I know that is it not fair that people have to wait so much to get what they pay for. I promise to deliver it in 1 week top or less. Now this starts to count from the day that payment is sent, not before.

So just going to put the info here:

You send to my mail ( ...
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When to I update my art? Posted 6 years ago
Greetings to all!

So then, the reason for this blog is because since yesterday and today I have been getting comments and notes asking me “when will you upload things from your Patreon on your other sites?” So I thought it would be a good idea to explain how this works so that everyone can know.

On my Patreon, people will get access to early things, I do say early because eventually things are update there will eventually be update on my other sites like Ekas or furaffinity, except some exclusive stuff. Now of course this all depend if it’s a drawing, or a mini-comic or a comic. So let’s go by part with the different TIERS of my Patreon.

TIER 3 (access to my gallery and my mini-comics)

The drawings that are posted here are...
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New Tumblr Posted 6 years ago
Well I realize I had not made a public one of this, so I guess I should. XD
I am not still familiar on how tumblr works, but will start to post some art there as well:

Oh and you can ask me questions there! :D