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Update on where I'm at Posted 5 years ago
No, the SPP interactive has not been abandoned and I'm not dead, it's just that I'm juggling a bunch of things so sometimes I'll go for stretches without updating. I am looking forward to moving on to level 1-3 soonish though, so that will be fun, and I've got a short gif animation coming up too.
Interactive Uploads Posted 6 years ago
Hey, just wanted to make a quick note about the images in the Super Princess Peach interactive:

They are now being uploaded not only as part of the interactive, but as separate images in my gallery as well for individual commenting and whatnot in their very own special folder. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you also enjoy the recent additions to the interactive itself. I'm working each night to get level 1-2 done, at which point I'll begin work on the next level. It's the last one before the first castle, and without spoiling anything, it's a bit tougher than the first couple of levels because falling is a constant danger.

Oooh, how mysterious~
Back on track Posted 6 years ago
A new death has been added to the Super Princess Peach interactive, and more is on the way. Stay tuned!
I've been absent, buuuut... Posted 6 years ago
...more to come soon. Ironically, once school starts up again, I'll have more time to myself to post vore material and add to the SPP Interactive.
Drawing Update #4: Rexxon Roxx Posted 6 years ago
Remember Sonic Spinball? I sure do.

More SPP interactive updates coming up now that I have some of these drawings up. I want to finish level 1-2 and move on soon. 'Til then, stay spunky~ 8)
Drawing Update #3: A Wrinkle in Time?! Posted 6 years ago
Yep, it's the first ever, (I think) Wrinkle in Time vore! This one's an absorption piece detailing the black thing/IT's taking in and violation of Meg. She'll never have to make a hard decision again, at least.

Keep your eyes peeled for another Sonic pic coming up, plus some updates to the SPP interactive in the near future. 'Til next time, stay spunky~
Drawing Update #2: Pac-Vore Posted 6 years ago
Inspired by DescendingSkulls, I've taken my first stab at Ms. Pacman vore. It's also my first explicit image. :oops:

Also, as a heads up, I have to sleep now, but work on level 2 of the SPP interactive will begin soon. Getting the next game over scene done is my top priority, now that this is finished.
Drawing Update #1: First Picture! Posted 6 years ago
Hey, one more update tonight. I finished and uploaded my first drawing, and it's not Shax levels of amazing by any means, but I'm still decently proud of it. It features Zomom munching on Sonic, the first character who made me realize I liked vore. Feels like I've come full circle, in a way. :)

Anyways, I'll be posting more pictures and updating the SPP interactive as the days go by, so if you feel like it, feel free to check in every now and then. Comments are always welcome on any picture I put up including criticism, but please- all I ask is that you're constructive. Have a good one, all.
Super Princess Peach: HPP- Dev Diary 2 Posted 6 years ago
Good news, everyone! A fan section has been added to the interactive, meaning that now readers can now add their own routes. This should help the interactive grow and I hope people have fun with it. Just keep to the simple rules laid out in the interactive and make sure you only add to the fan section, and it'll be cool.
Super Princess Peach: HPP- Dev Diary 1 Posted 6 years ago
Well, I've started work on my first interactive here, Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic, and let me tell ya, it's gonna be a doozy. ^^;

So far I've finished writing the prologue and creating a number of extras, and now I am writing up the first true "level" of the interactive. One goal for me is to make this as close to a game as it can be in written form, which means making and finding images, which has been fun. I've gotten permission to use some pieces from some talented artists, (somehow) and I hope to work with more people in the community as the project develops.

At this point, the game has two 'vore death' scenes and two 'game over rape'...
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