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A followup pic for Cream At the Beach? Posted 6 days ago
Would you guys like to see a continuation of Cream At The Beach?
just a single picture to show what happen next.
i like to some day draw Vanilla with a large belly of a guy, cream with another large belly of a kid, and Marine seeing Cream and her large belly with Marine’s mostly digested belly.
would you guys like to see that?
or just go for a simple pic of both girls with large belies in a white background?

(Link to the comic i mentioned)
Have you notice the pages on Eka? It almost to 10K Posted 11 days ago
This place had really grown over the years
I think this place only had less then 1000 pages when i found this place now it almost 10K by 3,000 away!!

So much art on Eka now!
Hope this place continues to grow more and more!
My week so far (aquarium at the Smokies & LoZAoC Demo) Posted 1 month ago
Hay guys!
I having a great time so far i took a week off of work this week to be with my family and hang out at Pigeon Forge near Dollywood (we didn’t go there though)
Get to see my sis and her baby Abigail (or Abi) and her friend and we all enjoyed the aquarium from the smokes (Smoke mountain)
Not my first time being there but Abi sure did love it seeing all the beautiful fish and sharks all round use.

We just got back home today (12/30)
While i was there i get to play the new Legend of Zelda age of calamity demo at the cabin we were staying at and I think it was a fun game definitely going to buy this in December.
People keep talking about the frame rate being bad in the game but I honestly don’t see anything different from all the other games...
[ Continued ... ]
Going to test the Crown Tundra on a new save. Posted 1 month ago
I haven’t text it yet but i want to see if i can reset the game by making a empty profile,
See if i can ride on the train for the Tundra and get the legendary and kill Audino in the wild for Exp. Like in Black&White.

Has anyone test this yet? Does it work?
Start Pokemon S/S with Legendaries? Crown Tundra DLC Posted 1 month ago
hold on!
i just thought of something with the new Crown Tundra DLC
can you reset a game start your adventure and go to the Crown Tundra by the train station and do the whole Father & daughter talk and then go the underground thingy (don’t know the name) and get legendaries BEFORE you get your first Gym Badge Legitimately??
if so then that is awesome!!
if not then that lame!! Booooooo!

What are your thoughts on the new Crown Tundra.
I think it cool but it alright, the Tundra looks amazing though!
Pick my Remake (opinions please) Posted 1 month ago
I want to remake one of drawings some day and i want your opinions on want i can do for said future.
i got 3 options.

option 1
a Tails Way of travel.
my third drawing on DA very old can’t look at it anymore need a desperate remake.

option 2
Sonic Male Preds.
kinda old but it is one of my favs from the past i love to remake it.

option 3
Rouge’s Midnight Meal
old but it is the drawing that got me into making tight bellies which i like.

i love to hear what you guys think about these drawing and if you like to see them remade some day.
Vote for my Next Vore Vs.! Posted 1 month ago
Vote my next vore Vs.
(EDIT: it working now for some reason)

the Cut Characters: Honey the Cat Vs. Tiara (Boobowski) The Manx
the Mothers: Vanilla The Rabbit Vs. Bernadette The Hedgehog
Sorry for the lack of art Posted 2 months ago
I been very lazy with mostly playing games and not getting back to drawing.
To be fair there’s a Lotta new games coming out recently.

No excuse why I can’t make a quick drawing every once in a while.
This weekend I am off work so I might do some drawing then, hopefully I will.

Hope everyone is doing ok this week?
Fixed everything on last post Posted 2 months ago
Hopefully i did

Next time i do this i’m putting it as “inside” and “outside” lol
Thank you everyone for pointing out the problems i had.
Possible Story commission? Cream the Rabbit Vore Posted 3 months ago
Anyone interested in making a story for me about cream the rabbit voring a Anon character in a thin carrot suit, with her mom being proud of her digesting the guy after.
she is still young but have minor nudity and no sexual themes other then weight gain from prey.
anyone interested in that story? i can try making the story but i want know anyone else want to try it for me.