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FurAffinity? Should i join? Posted 2 days ago
I was thinking of having furaffinity some day but i want to know how strict are they when it comes to underage preds? Like for example the two Cream the Rabbit comics i have? are they allowed on there even though there is no sexuality in it? And how strict are they in there own rules?
also is there other types of vore there? Like cock vore, breast vore and so on? I know scat is probably not allowed i’m sure.
and would you like to see my art there?
Back to work soon. Posted 13 days ago
Good news for me i’m going back to work soon.
starting on Thursday 21st A orientation for Second shift associates (which is me)
and starting next week on 26th i’m going back to work.

as much as I am excited to go back to work I have to wear that stupid mask all day which I hate and keep Far contact from other people (6 feet) so ya i’m going back to work soon.

Should i keep my First vore story? (Poll inside) Posted 3 weeks ago
I want to know your opinions on this
should i keep my story “Zoe’s Fulfilling Week”?
poll is below to vote.
here is the story.

POLL: https://strawpoll.com/f21bc69x
New OC girls for vore? (Link image inside) Posted 1 month ago
This is mainly for Eka people sense i want these girls to do other things beside Oral vore all the time.
I’m planning on making one of the girls (the red head) to be a herm making more of the potential Cock vore i like to do some day again.
Also some breast vore and maybe even anal vore who knows?

Sense Blogs on Eka don’t link images anymore I decide to make my own (i’m still new to this btw sorry if something is off)
The image is just two sonic OC girl characters but they will be used for my more mature art like Cock vore or Breast vore here on Eka.
Right now they are just floating heads but the body will be pretty much any other naked female so nothing new there.

But i do need a name and a species for them if anyone have a good idea for...
[ Continued ... ]
Sorry for the multiple repost Posted 1 month ago
Had to repost the 3 times today
First was the actual upload
Second was the title change
Third was a ) i missed on the title it look silly without so i had to repost again for it.
I’m still getting use to the story format on Eka.
The results for the Vore Vs. so far (end is 4/5/20) Posted 1 month ago
The results of the Vore Vs. so far.
The end date is 4/5/20
(This was posted on April 2nd.)
Total votes is 845
Say Acorn with 474 Votes (winning)
Fiona Fox with 371 Votes.

total Vore votes is 252.
“Sentient Fat Post-Vore” In 1st with 60 votes.
“Oral vore” in 2nd with 54 votes.
“humiliation Post-Vore” in 3rd with 37 votes.
To be honest i’m disappointed i was hoping Fiona would win sense there not much Fiona as preds but oh will....
I can also make a stand alone pic of Fiona after this anyways right?
I got plenty of days off to do it.
(Next Vore Vs.) Blaze Vs. ???? Posted 2 months ago
Guys i need your help
for my next Vore Vs. i like to add Blaze the Cat next but I don’t know what her rival would be?
what do you like to see as the second character?
Do you want to see a princess battle again and do Blaze Vs. Sally or do something else?
but i’m already doing Sally though I don’t want to repeat back to back.
what do you want to see?
Characters with Different clothes in Cartoons (Pics) Posted 2 months ago
I made a journal about Cartoon characters having different clothing every episode
I found a few you might recognize in your childhood.

Link to my Journal on DA.
Would of gotten if Audino wasn’t pick this week. Posted 2 months ago
Be glad Audino got this week the very first RNG i got just now was Tornadus LOL!
I KNOW that would of been awkward to draw today.
Preview of my Kimiko Vore Comic (LINK INSIDE) Posted 2 months ago
Just a small preview of the Kimiko Comic.
It on my DA Sta.sh page because blogs on here can’t use images anymore (far as i know)

(If the link doesn’t work then i’m sorry this is the only way i can show it Beside linking you to my main page on DA.)