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Commissions Update! Posted 6 days ago
Hey all, a quick little update here- My schedule is stupid and hectic, so for a while I'm not going to be accepting any direct commissions. I want to make sure everyone gets everything they deserve, and that nobody has to wait a ridiculously long time to get what they've ordered X5

Of course, you do also deserve art! So in place of those I'm going to be doing more YCHs with a quick turnover and some more personal art uploads- try to get more in the habit of it. Keep your eyes open frellas, I've got villainous ideas, and I'm only gonna be hamstrung for so long~
~Eyyyyy~ Posted 1 month ago

I got a LOT of art to post, folks.

I've been holding out on ya! It's a dirty deed, but it's done, and the undoing is the fun bit anyway. So keep your eyes peeled, the gallery's got some filling to do!

In the meantime, and to assist with that, I am tentatively open for commissions once more! I'll only be taking on one or two, but if you've had something in mind shoot me a message. You may also notice my commission pricing is currently nuked... well, I'm working on it! If it makes you uncozy just be patient and I'll let everybody know when I've got it arranged to my liking.

In any case, the examples will be better as I actually upload some of the stuff I've been working on!
I hope you guys are into paleoart...