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Update: Commissions, interactions with people, improvements. Posted 3 months ago
Greetings, to whoever decided to read this huge, and possibly boring update and blog. I’ve some pinned points I’d like to quickly talk about:

1)Latest updates: I think it haven’t gone unnoticed that a lot of my latest artworks aren’t fully shaded. It’s not that I don’t want to, just… It takes a lot of time, which is something I barely have nowadays. When I do get time, I usually try to sketch or color stuff for my closest buds. Also, I don’t feel really “Sure” about shading anymore. I feel my stuff to be really, really mediocre, bad, and I’m not comparing myself to anyone. I just feel like that. So, I’ve recently started… ( I’ll call it College, but, in Italian it’s different ), to be precise, an art class based course. I’m really trying my best to improve, I just hope like,...
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Halloween, but without halloween Posted 7 months ago
I just wanted to warn that If I'll do something for Halloween, I'll do it some days before because in those days I'll be at the Lucca Comics, a important italian comic con. Gonna be the evil boi this year.
Purge coming: Posted 8 months ago
I'm gonna re-organize folders and pics in my gallery soon to have them organized better. I could decide to delete some old pics while I do so, so please take your time to save what you want. Thanks for your time, have a nice day.
3 Millions of views... and poll? Maybe? Posted 9 months ago
I've grown up a lot, during these years of drawing. While, in the start, views was something I was constantly looking at, now it's just a number standing there, it has really no matters for me. The only thing that matters is that someone, out there, might enjoy my works, and that's why I share them. I'mma say here that, like, even if I couldn't post my stuff, I'd probably draw anyway. For me, and for my friends, wich makes me full of joy, to work for them. But, since it's been a decent amount of time since the last "Views Special", I guessed I could have used this blog, huh, to thank you all. Not for the views, just like, for stopping by to look at my crappy stuff. I... I'm trying to learn new stuff, during these months, but, like, what would you like to see, for a...
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Summer time Posted 10 months ago
Hey! Just huh, some quick update. Doing slightly better, I’m going to have a vacation that last ‘till August, atleast. I’ll try to draw a bit while I’m there, but please don’t expect much stuff ‘least until I’m back. Sea and beaches are waiting for me and my companions. Have a nice summer, all of you!
Freedom. Posted 11 months ago
I'm... free. All the exams... over. I'm... finally... free
Huh, stuff. Posted 1 year ago
Huh, stuff.

Mmm… hello there folks. Gonna be really quick, to not annoy anyone. I’m in a pretty bad period ( NO, not that type of sad/depressed artist shit. Just, as person, a bad period ), and I’m not really feeling in the mood of drawing anything on my own. Since I store a lot of stuff people do for me, that’s why I uploaded so many contents that doesn’t belong to me, lately. Still hope you can appreciate, tho. And, that’s it, just a quick update, to tell you to not expect too many uploads from me, in these days. Peace.

( Oh, of course sadness is accompanied by rage. Forgive me if I’m gonna be a dick to someone, it’s not my intention to. )
Commissions open ( finally ) Posted 1 year ago

Once again, opening commissions. I don’t open them really often just because I don’t feel like I really need money right now, but, I’m happy to share my stuff with you guys, so here we go:
Let’s open 7 slots. If I find some ideas arousing, I could add some more, no worries:
-Gizzmo (1 full drawing )
-Anonymous (1 full drawing )
-kishara-orahto ( 2 full drawings )
-CaptainHElusive ( 2 flat drawings )
-turborex300 ( 3 flat drawings )
-tailithia ( 12 flat drawings )
-voidrunner ( 4 full drawings )
-Calvos ( 6 flat drawings )
(These prices counts for 1 character that’s visible. Each...
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Feelings. Posted 1 year ago
Uh... it's been a bit since the last time I actually used the blog for this type of stuff, buuut here we are, apparently. Just wanted to say, that I'm feeling kind of confused and uncertain, lately. It's like... I'm lacking motivation to do stuff. I mean, I still like to draw, but, I'd have so many stuff I'd like to do, so many stuff I'd like to learn... but, I just can't because of lack of time ( Thanks, school. ) , or just because I'm too stupid to actually learn new stuff. I'll still keep on working on my stuff, and I'll still try to improve. Just, life have been kind of hard, lately. I'm not asking for compassion or stuff like that, just wanted to keep you updated. Peace.
Commissions open again Posted 1 year ago
And here we go again. I'd also like to apologize for the lack of uploads, but, no worries, I'll fix that soon. Still got a lot of people interested in commissions, wich makes me really happy, but I still have real life stuff wich, you know, take a lot of time, hah. Anyway, let's go once again:

And super closed, damn a lot of commission, haha

7 Slots this time :
-Tabris (1 Full shaded)
-Edernis (5 flat colored)
-Smog1 (2 Full shaded)
-CaptainHElusive (6 Flat colored)
-WankersCramp (3 Full shaded )
-CuriousGarchomp (2 Full shaded)
-poncocykes (1 Full shaded)
-Gizzmo (1 Full shaded)
Everything's pretty...
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