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COMMISSIONS CLOSED, thanks everyone! Posted 13 hours ago
Once again, close. A big amount of work received, a big amount of requests received. Sorry I couldn't accept all of them, as per usual, thank you!

So, I'mma start work on these as soon as possible, and try to update the list whenever I can. Have a nice December ya'll!

• SlickDratini ( 4 Flat Colored )
• Trinart ( 1 Fully Shaded )
• generalguy64 ( 1 Fully Shaded )
• Mab2 ( 4 Fully Shaded )
• Calldahotline ( 3 Fully shaded )
• ABrinson27 ( 4 Fully shaded )
• megamanfan86 ( 2 Flat colored )
• CaptainHElusive ( 8 Flat Colored )
• sins5ever ( 4 Flat Colored )
• BNDraco15 ( 2 Flat Colored )
• Anonymous ( 5 Flat Colored )
Commission’s OPEN ( December 2020 ) Posted 1 day ago
Opening one last time before the year ends, the next batch will be on 2021.

I won’t take as many as last time, because they were a lot, but I still figured it would be good to open them up, after receaving such a hefty amount of requests to open them up. So, here we go.

Rules and Prices can be found on my shet:

Please take your time to read it all, before eventually contacting me. Just like last time, I’m going to read all ideas, feel free to share.
As per usual, I’m going to put your name on the list AFTER the payment is done. Hope this sum it up well.

Update, October 2020 Posted 1 month ago
Hello there. Just a quick update to say that I'm not dead, just, this month have been generally awful and my mood and motivation is often super low, which should explain the lack of posts lately.

An apologies to all those who were interested in comms and I said I was gonna open them up soon. Just give me some time to get my shit together and I'll throw a new blog, I promise.

So, huh... just a quick update, nothing to say here. Thanks for stopping by.
Commissions finished, and holidays. Posted 4 months ago
Greetings. First of, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up for commissions, I wasn't sure opening them after so long, but I got a lot of customers, and a lot of fun. If interest is still shown, I'll open them again in the future, but I'll just do that if I see that enough people are interested, hah. I hope all my customers have been satisfied, anyway.

I take advantage of my blog to say that I'll be on a brief vacation from the 28th of July until the 8-9 August. Respecting the rules imposed by the Covid-19, yet I wanna try to have some fun during the Summer. Expect less, if not any uploads during that period.

Having said that, thanks to everyone, and have a nice summer yourself. Be healthy, be safe.

COMMISSIONS CLOSED, thanks everyone! Posted 5 months ago
I got an UNHOLY amount of work. But it's all good work, so I'm very happy with it. Thanks to everyone who send a note, my apologies for the ones I had to turn down, maybe next time! If I get the interest from the people, I'll open them again, no worries!

Anyway, commissions are CLOSED! This means that even if you tell me your idea, I won't take it until my next batch! Sorry, but there's no point in putting you behind like, 15 people, hah!

So, I'mma start work on these as soon as possible, and try to keep them constant, we'll see. Thanks everyone, and see you later :)

• Tabris: Done! (2/2)
• SlickDratini: Done!(2/2)
• Sins5Ever: Done!(2/2)
• Trinart: Done!(2/2)
• SkyTheDragones: Done!(2/2)
• GeneralGuy64:...
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Commissions 2020 List Posted 5 months ago
Okay, so, holy shit, I got FLOODED with Pm's, note, and whatnot. So, I'm putting a list of people that paid and got a slot already. This doesn't mean I closed comms, but, well, there's gotta be a point where I'm not taking them anymore, so please hurry up :)
Anyway, much thanks to everyone, here's the list so far:

• Tabris: Paid
• SlickDratini: Paid
• Sins5Ever: Paid
• Trinart: Paid
• SkyTheDragones: Paid
• GeneralGuy64: Paid
• Mab2: Paid
• Laeron_Inkheart: Paid
• pizza456: Paid
• Mori: Paid
• Calldahotline: Paid
• Doggermeister: Paid
• VoidRunner: Paid

PLEASE keep in mind the list is there, but the order can change, for example, if there's a very long sequence,...
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Commissions 2020 Posted 5 months ago
Well, by public demand, after years of not taking commissions with the exception for a couple of friends, I'm opening commissions. Made a sheet for them which you can find here :

Please take your time to read it all, before eventually contacting me.

I'll see how many people are interested and write down a list of interested down here, updating daily. Cheers.
Update: Commissions, interactions with people, improvements. Posted 9 months ago
Greetings, to whoever decided to read this huge, and possibly boring update and blog. I’ve some pinned points I’d like to quickly talk about:

1)Latest updates: I think it haven’t gone unnoticed that a lot of my latest artworks aren’t fully shaded. It’s not that I don’t want to, just… It takes a lot of time, which is something I barely have nowadays. When I do get time, I usually try to sketch or color stuff for my closest buds. Also, I don’t feel really “Sure” about shading anymore. I feel my stuff to be really, really mediocre, bad, and I’m not comparing myself to anyone. I just feel like that. So, I’ve recently started… ( I’ll call it College, but, in Italian it’s different ), to be precise, an art class based course. I’m really trying my best to improve, I just hope like,...
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Halloween, but without halloween Posted 1 year ago
I just wanted to warn that If I'll do something for Halloween, I'll do it some days before because in those days I'll be at the Lucca Comics, a important italian comic con. Gonna be the evil boi this year.
Purge coming: Posted 1 year ago
I'm gonna re-organize folders and pics in my gallery soon to have them organized better. I could decide to delete some old pics while I do so, so please take your time to save what you want. Thanks for your time, have a nice day.