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Howdy Posted 1 month ago
just posted my art prices if there's any recommendations or concerns let me know.

furthermore i wanted to ask, if anyone is inclined for more YCH work in the future and of what genre of vore/Art people would like to take part in; your feedback is very much appreciated!
DRAWING FULL TIME Posted 2 months ago

Making Art Full time for the Winter this year, thank you for anyone that supported me in the past. I really cant stress how much I've grown as an artist!

also I will be posting a price range soon, but i need to figure out what people are willing to pay or put up with~!

Line art - 15 -

Normal 20 -

Normal Shade -25 -

Soft Shade - 35 - ...
[ Continued ... ]
Should i start a Patreon? Posted 2 years ago
I'm starting to get my work into high gear..and was wondering if thats anything anyone is willing to invest?

one of my ideas is to pursue Comics and stories
And Vore Art Polls in my Patreon

Also starting up a discord for RP reasons and whatnot
100 precent recoverd! Posted 2 years ago
Thank you very much for helping, I'm starting to recover and getting less naucious
Commission List


2. :


Emergency Posted 2 years ago
I'm have a minor infection. and i'm in dire need of donation or Commissions
to go to a clinic to get it checked out...if there any questions about i'll be sure to respond

my PAYPAL is [email protected]
Question Entry Posted 2 years ago
would anybody interested in me Doing Video game stream?

If NAY/YES please explain why.
Burn out! Posted 2 years ago
Damn...i seriously don't know how you guys draw alot @[email protected]
Wide awake Posted 2 years ago
Can't sleep....Darn
Raffle Winner and Results 1/28th/19 3:22 PM! Posted 2 years ago
Thank you Everyone for participating in the Raffle!


WINNER -jimothybarnes- !
FREE YCH PREY or PRED Roulette -DEAD LINE 1/28- [CLOSED] Posted 2 years ago
I'm going to host a game of Rolette, any person that comments will be added to a the wheel, I will spin it and Select a Winnder
Before commenting post or LEt me know what you guys want me to draw and why!
this would be a fun way of Using my OC's (also don't forget to put in your dislikes)