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Clever Annie seekz foolish preyz! Posted 2 years ago
Polls closed! owo I thinkz we gotta clear winner. Was close for a bit! And I'm still real surprised! Seems it's time for Annie's big premier!

Basic scenario is looking like Annie trapping some lil tasty varmints out in the wilderz, and perhaps dealing with some wayward older cousins. Deviant events ensue!

So! If you'd like to submit a prey for either of these positions, send me a PM with a pic of ya character (Doesn't have to be a full ref sheet, but the more I can see, the better!) Then their basic personality and/or interested position in this comic! (;3 As well as preferred FATE in this comic, ohoho...)

Dunno how many prey...
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Choose Your Doom! Poll time! (Closed!) Posted 2 years ago
owo Gotz too many comic ideas I wanna do! Some inspired by some of you! Figured I'd ask you folks which you'd prefer I do most...So gimme dem votes! You get two!

What's more...depending which one we go with, I might be asking you folks for your prey characters to fill out the lil story ;3 So I quit doin anon prey!

Some of the stories could have more than one prey, but I'll prolly semi-randomly select among those that are interested. I'll post a follow-up blog later once I've decided on which comic we're goin with, so that would be the time to see who wantz in on da particular fun...!

Characters in the Polls!

Annie: ...
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What's Next?! Poll! Posted 3 years ago
-w- You'z folk have any opinions on what characters and setups I should be makin comicz and stuff of next?

Choose up to three options! Perhaps there can be some combinations...

Feel free to suggest whatevz as well. I have quite a few scenarios in mind, but...owo I'm open to ideaz, additions, and such!

Character links, 'cause they seem to explode in the poll...

Mort and Syriko ...
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