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FFXIV Party Wipe Slots Assigned Posted 23 hours ago

I picked out the characters I want to use for my YCH! I'm tired so I'll reach out to people individually tomorrow but wanted to at least post this publicly so people who want could know if they're in or not.

Thanks to everyone who submitted--I appreciate all your support <3. But barring any last minute dropouts this is the order I'm going with:

Slot 1 - Ne'komi
Slot 2 - Ehnah
Slot 3 - Red
Slot 4 - Misola
Slot 5 - Shiz
Slot 6 - H'iro
Slot 7 - Rasha
Slot 8 - Aylen
Project Announcements: OC-tober and Monster Hunter World field notes Posted 13 days ago

I've recently published both my previous projects (First Kiss and character sheets for Monsters Are Eating Everyone), both publicly available at

Having had a few days' break, I've announced my next two projects--a SFW OC drawing challenge for October, and a Monster Hunter World ink collection that'll probably turn into a your-character-here thing. Both will have updates posted on my SubscribeStar if you're into that sort of thing.

For the first project I'm following a prompt list to give some SFW love to the aspects of my characters I've neglected by drawing them almost exclusively in porn. Basically therapy for me. This will have almost daily posts and discussions in...
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Community RPG Public Playtest in Discord Posted 2 months ago
Happy vore day!

I have a discord setup to run the community play-by-post RPG I announced here. It's currently super small and we're juuuuust getting started. Plus i'm still busy for several days with moving so I can't jump into the full game, but want to take this opportunity to playtest and warmup to doing this in a group setting.

If you're interested in being part of the slow start for this, check out the discord: If you want to know what you're getting into first, you can see the rules here.
Otherwise, I'll see you in a week or so when I...
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Musings on Community Event Ideas Posted 3 months ago
I picked #3, announcement is here:

For y'all that don't know, I love doing these really weird interactive projects where you can give input or ideas or play games and I weave them into an illustrated vorish story. They usually end up being neat little things that only a few people really get involved in but we have a nice chill time.

I feel that itch coming on again for something with Monster Preds that I want to do after one of my personal projects on SubscribeStar. But I'm torn on what I want it to be about and how I want to run it, because it's tricky to strike a balance between giving people meaningful ways to interact and demanding too much of them or myself. I've had three ideas so far, but might mix-and-match bits:

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Just one post in May--can't quite keep up. Posted 5 months ago

Good news bad news again.
Good news more physical therapy, bad news it hurts and it's gonna take a while and I'm not supposed to draw much.

So I won't be drawing any new gallery posts for May, but I do have one sitting ready I'd like to share next week.

I won't be fully healed by June by any stretch of the imagination, but the initial shock of this routine should have worn off and I'll hopefully have enough strength to add more drawing back in.

We'll see.
Looking for monster artist recommendations Posted 5 months ago
Been looking for artists to commission for monster vore with human prey but haven't had much luck with ads or finding anyone who draws that regularly and does commissions.

Since I figure, ya know, my audience might know this sort of thing, do you have any recommendations for artists who do that? Thinking Monster Hunter creatures, or original dragon stuff with these cuties
In Which I Arrive at a Fork While Returning From Hiatus Posted 6 months ago
'm baaaaaaaaaack! :D

But uh,

I'm coming back from hiatus with plans for larger vore projects like comics and games. But I can't sustain making weekly paintings on top of working on projects, because I really don't want to spend all my free time making vore. And if I'm gonna sink a lot of time into comics and games instead of spending it on, say, commissions, it'd be nice to still make some money off it, though the final result should always be public in the end.

So I'm musing over how to take time to work on my comics and games without falling off the face of the earth, or making everything I post an advertisement. :|

I like the idea of releasing projects for free with an option to tip, I'm just not sure what to do before...
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Monster Hunter Trades/Collabs? Posted 6 months ago
So there's a new Monster Hunter coming out, and I'm back to drawing vore in the next week or so.
Any other fans want to do some fun MH monster pred stuff with me?
I'm here for collaborations or trades with artists or writers.

Just my usual rules on my end--no cocks, gore, scat, or kids. I typically work with human female hunter prey but I'm not married to that.

I love collabs but I work traditionally which brings a couple constraints for them (my inks aren't clean enough for some selection tools and I can only print digital lines up to 8.5"x12").

Anyway here are my credentials :v
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Aw Heck Ash Wednesday Already? Posted 8 months ago
So I realized it was Fat Tuesday like...thirty minutes ago.

It snuck up on me this year, but I still want to do my schtick of not drawing vore during lent (so after tomorrow). I've still got some outstanding work I've promised people, and I'll be finishing that up in the next couple days. Besides that though I'll be mostly inactive here until the start of April.

See ya then <3
Injury Update Posted 1 year ago
Elbow tendon is still fucked up and my backlog of vore art is running dry. Hopefully I'll be able to start some gentle drawing in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime I'll have to fill in with non-vore art here. Just a heads up to expect that.