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100 Watchers! Posted 3 months ago
Thank you all for the watches, favorites, and comments on my writings and animations! I'll keep doing my best on uploads here, so here's to the future!

Additionally, I just ended the Amelia/Gura poll and the final vote was 5:6 with Gura being the winner, so I'll begin to work on that animation soon!
Poll Winner (Come vote for who the pred should be)! Posted 3 months ago
It's been about a week since I put up the poll for my next Hololive animation, and I feel like I've given it enough time to find a winner. The most voted for was : Amelia/Gura!

PLEASE vote for which of the two should be the pred at this link. I would REALLY APPRECIATE any votes here!

If you wanted to know the results from the vote, I had a total of 10 responses and the rankings were as follows:
1) Amelia/Gura - 5
2) Okayu/Korone - 4
3) Aqua/Shion -3
⠀ Moona/Pekora -3
4) Kanata/Coco - 2
5) Flare/Noel - 0
⠀ Lamy/Botan - 0

Thanks for voting and thanks for 500 Favorites!
Need help deciding next longer Hololive animation! Posted 3 months ago
Thank you for all of the favorites and comments so far on my animations! I've been getting a lot more watches recently and was hoping that there were enough of you to where some of you would see this. I wanted to let you guys decide on who my next longer Hololive animation will be focusing around, so I whipped up a list of a few members that I thought were commonly paired up enough (as friends or as a relationship) to vote on for my next longer animation.

I will still be making other non-Hololive animations during this time! I just really like Hololive and it seems like many of my watches do to. I wanted to begin this poll now so that I'll hopefully have some responses by the time I'm ready for it.

You can either comment here or fill out a google...
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