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Dream Posted 1 month ago
I have a dream yesterday.
It is where there was art where  THEholySnail's gut-girl meets a punkgirl. Also Gut-Girl ate the Punkgirl, At least what I think. Also the punkgirl was goth-looking and has dark blue hair.
Not again Posted 1 month ago

Oh no, Looks like Satan is after me again... This is not the first time...
After Futa Party Posted 1 month ago
I will continue Centauress Greed as well as starting Misery Business vore music comic.
New Gilbert Garfield vore... I promise... Posted 1 month ago
Since the first Gilbert Garfield got 3 favorites as of now. I think I will do more vore on him tomorrow. I promise I will do it! I will not forget about this blog post.
Tomorrow... Posted 1 month ago
Christmas against Halloween round 2 and Vote Tournament Season 3 Round 3 votes will be closing tomorrow and the results are coming Saturday. So hurry up! You don't want to miss out!
Round 2 of Christmas against Halloween Posted 1 month ago
Number Lore Vore Posted 1 month ago
I will do more tomorrow because that was fun.

I am off to do other things now.
Gilbert Garfield is a success! Posted 1 month ago
Remember when I did vore on Gilbert Garfield?

Well, It got 2 favorites and I told that I might make more vore on him in the future since I love what I done to him in that piece of art. So more Gilbert Garfield vore will come in the future.
The Christmas against Halloween round 1 voting time! Posted 2 months ago
Season 3 round 2 closing Posted 2 months ago
Tomorrow so you better hurry up to vote who should be in round 3 or else you will miss out.