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Giantess vore toy! Posted 1 year ago
Our giantess vore and sex toy is ready! Tonight on the gallery, auction in a couple days! Stay tuned.
YouTube channel Posted 1 year ago
We now have a YouTube channel! Please watch, share and subscribe
Lion, snake and a fleshy stomach! Posted 1 year ago
Will be making a photo session with our plushies this weekend! Our male lion toy eaten by a snake and then internal shots of him digesting. Follow us on Twitter for unique photos.
PeculiarArt Twitter! Posted 1 year ago
We have a Twitter now!

Will be posting news and curious stuff and new concepts and sales on regular basis! Join in!
Comic! Posted 2 years ago
We at PeculiarArt Art are thinking about going really big! We will create our own first commercial comic, about big predatory female stalking her prey and mercilessly devouring it to churn and digest in her huge bumpy squirming belly!
The comic will sell through Gumroad most likely. Price will be about $4.what are your opinions?
May pricefall! Posted 2 years ago
Price for detailed Vallejo style black and white vore comissions are down for a week or two! At least four slots still open. PM or discord for details.
Something big coming! Posted 2 years ago
Thank you to all my watchers! It is your appreciation that motivates us here in PeculiarArt to continue working and aspire to new heights.
We have a ko-fi account now.
If you want to buy us coffee to help stay awake during hard work - grand thanks to you!
Jokes aside though. See that 200$ goal?
It is to create a big complex piece with several characters and mouth watering vore scene with human body done in best classic tradition of Rojo and Boris Vallejo.

What you will be getting here is pretty much a grand elite quality comission (yes, you can influence it) for $3.

Rules are simple. Donate at ko-fi, then write feedback...
[ Continued ... ]
Discord! Posted 2 years ago
I have a Discord now! peculiart#2034
And a Discord server, where we meet, discuss art and there’s a roleplay “step into the picture” channel.
Will be happy to see you there!
New! Posted 2 years ago
Hello and pleased to see everyone on Eka. We decided to try doing some vore art and projects for your pleasure, people. Let’s see where things will go from here.