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I guess i should say something. Posted 6 months ago
Hey guys, It's Been a while... IDK if anyone really cares at this point, I basically ghosted everyone for the past six months, but Iv'e come back to make it official, I'm abandoning the PedVerse account entirely, and also leaving the vore community indefinitely. There is a lot of reasons I've come to this decision, But the two biggest ones I will try and explain the best I can.

First Reason for me leaving. The Name Pedverse (Previously PedoPuss) Is too often associated with Pedophilia,(for Obvious reasons) and as much as i tried, I could never shake that association, When I originally made PedoPuss, it was a play on the Meme PedoBear, of which at the time I figured was just a harmless joke and everyone would just understand that I'm more or less just making a joke, But...
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All the comcis~Mostly Posted 1 year ago
NGT Comic shop will soon close down, but here is all the comics from there that i can upload. ... 64hZ3na8m4
HOT DANM Posted 1 year ago
A solid sleepless week of coding later and I got the new NGTComics Working and ready to rock...
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do much else in the way of art stuff... But I can afford to skip some meals XD, Fortunately Its now easier then ever to get NGT comics and read them, (Aside from MOBLIE devices) But that's just around the corner. It's been a hell of a week getting all this done, and I'm just crossing my fingers hoping the site holds up and not catastrophic failures occur. But i did plenty of testing and I'm at least 90% sure its all good.. My biggest concern is if its user friendly enough...
But that's something i can tweak here and there if I'm given the proper feedback.

Well with that out of the way, I'm gonna start focusing on getting more comics out,...
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Eka's Outages - Fiind me here. Posted 1 year ago

If and while Eka's is down, Ill be on discord if you guys need meh

Outage info: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=55418
Ped Just venting... Posted 1 year ago
So I've had a bad tooth for a hot minute, I've ignored it for the most part knowing that it would cost me my entire savings to have it dealt with... well needless to say, the night before last was a breaking point, massive pain and nothing i did would help, so i caved and made an appointment.. $70 later they got me another appointment with a oral surgeon... $70 later i now have another appointment to get it pulled tomorrow morning... for a total of... Drum role.. $384 on top of what i have already spent on appointments... so $524 in total to get a tooth pulled... with out sedation.. as a career artist, spending over half a grand to get a tooth pulled is devastating... so i guess what im saying is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me...

Anyways, Im not...
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Evo Catcher ~ Game Concept Posted 1 year ago
(Project suspended due to focus on other projects... )

Hey everyone, I announced yesterday that I was working on a game EvoCatcher, but the post was somewhat lacking in detail, So I figured I'd go ahead and take some more time here to really explain everything and what its all about.

(Eka's game Forum Post viewtopic.php?f=79&t=54868)

(This is a concept and many factors are subject to change..)

The Story ~

So Basically the story follows a younge (Above the legal Age.) Hero as they make their place in the world.

(Characters Depicted is a...
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Ped Talk 2018 Posted 2 years ago
Hey guys, I wanna start by thanking everyone that has supported me and the Team at NGT, It means the world to us that you guys enjoy our work and we plan to bring you so much more in the near future. you guys are awesome and i can't express this enough, you've made so much possible for NGT and myself. 2018 was the most productive year in my life as a career artist and it was all thanks to you guys and as a thank you i promise to bring even more content you guys will love in 2019.
From Vore content Games, More Comics (Both free and for the comic shop), and More time spent Live streaming for you guys to join in I wanna Chat with you guys and make an exciting community here, For those of you that joined ether my discord or the NGT discord I wanna thank you, and promise to be more...
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NgoodTaste Official Patreon Launch! Posted 2 years ago
Hey guys, I’ve got some exciting news for everyone, for sometime now, I’ve been working with some fellow artists, Gokai, Rupie and myself to create an Artist group which we are officially launching today!!

We plan to release at least one (10-15 pages) vore related comic a month, Which will be sold at a discount to any patrons who pledge $1.00 to $5.00 and free to anyone who pledges $10 or more.

We will also be offering discounts on our comic shop for all of our patrons.Check out our official Patreon site

Another exciting idea...
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Vore Questionnaire Posted 2 years ago
Hey, If you guys could take the time out to feel this out, It would be a great help for me when making more content in the future!
*Deep AF sigh.* Posted 2 years ago
HOLY Fuck! Guys, Legit FUCK COMICS! I mean don't get me wrong, I love doing them, and they are my passion, But for real they are super fucking draining, Like SUPER Draining! I just now posted up Workout binge and My Olmma on my E-junkie to try and get some of the effort back for those comics XD Loved doing them, and I think both turned out Great, not saying there isnt a few places I'd wish I'd Done better at, But regardless, Im proud of what I did, and I think they pushed me as an artist in many ways I'd Never been pushed before. Hope you guys get the chance to read them, and if you got any questions, Just hit me up, I'd be glad to answer them.