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Chaos Posted 2 days ago
Soooo unless you've been living under a rock you're well aware of the events following the MURDER of innocent man George Floyd by former Minnesota police and the subsequent riots in multiple cities and I must say I've seen this coming because for WAY TOO LONG have police gotten away with MURDER. The list is too fucking long. I won't them all but one that immediately comes to mind is Oklahoma shooting Betty Shelby who MURDERED a man with his HANDS UP and then resigned only to become a deputy in another county. Well enough is enough. It seems we are on the brink of a second Civil War something I've seen coming for a long time. Anyone else remembers the 1992 Los Angeles riots? Well guess history repeats itself. This just like the song by Rage Against the Machine "Killing in the Name...
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More than meets the eye Posted 9 days ago
Morning all (or afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world. Hope everyone is staying healthy and well. Please lend me your attention as I tell you a tiny about me on a personal level. In real life I'm a man of many skills a jack-of-all-trades if you will. I can most almost anything I put my mind too and I've had so many different jobs I have a wide variety of practical skills. But I never really MASTERED anything you feel me? I sure there may be some people may be able to relate but hey I digress. Anyways the only thing I truly believe I'm best at is.. writing. it's also my passion (alongside athletics). You've all enjoyed my vore and sex/hentai stories. But I'm pretty sure none of you know that writing vore isn't a passion it's just a hobby (duh). And although 2020 has had...
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Cabin Fever Posted 1 month ago
Anyone else feel like prisoners in their own house because of the Quarantine? God this is maddening I actually miss my job lbs! I'm yearning to be back OUTSIDE and go hunting, hiking and fishing again! Go to the movies! GO ON dates!!!!

I feel like this is perfect personification of the song "Black steel in the Hour of Chaos" by Public Enemy.

This must be how it feels to be "Locked up" like the Song by Akon.

Or "Institutionalized" like Suicidal Tendencies

I swear we are living in the real life version of "10 Cloverfield Lane"

Who else is ready to be like Soundgarden and break out of the Rusty Cage?
The Jig is up Posted 1 month ago
Well, that's all folks, I was forced to remove all of the material due to the administrators executive order. Sorry. Either someone snitched or they found out on their own. Either way, I must comply. Everyone have a good day.

P.S. if someone DID snitch I wasn't stealing the art. I gave credit to the original owner, so thanks for ruining an attempt to keep good artwork alive. And if there WASN'T a snitch please disregard this post scriptum
Happy Easter Posted 1 month ago
Happy Easter Everyone!
Current Mood: Cabin Fever! Posted 1 month ago
I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

So Just learned my Dayjob is shutting down for the Corona Quarantine.

Which means I"ll have PLENTY of time to write.

So if anyone wants to ask for requests or commissions feel free to PM me

(However, DO NOT!! PM asking or expecting a free story you gotta pay to play no money no honey!)
Moving Forward Posted 2 months ago
Hey, everyone, I hope you're all safe and healthy during these trying times.

So little PSA regarding my works and readers. I'm going to say this as clear as possible.

No more Free Requests or commissions.


Yes, I know I imagine everyone doing their best impression of an Edvard Munch scream at this lbs.

But don't fret my prices won't be outrageous.

I've tried this before and failed miserably but that's ok.

You learn from Failure that's part of life right?

Allow me to clear some things right of the back

Q: Are you going to be a paywall creator?

A: No I will not.
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Be safe. Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone Phantomwolf here hope everyone is safe during these extremely trying times.

My thoughts, prayers and sympathy go out to everyone and their loved ones who may be effected by this pandemic.

I know what I said before I my last blog post and though I still believe that the governments of the world know more than they are telling us I still recognize the severity of the situation.

Stay safe everyone.
The False Epidemic. Posted 2 months ago
Hey guys hope you're all healthy and well, and if you're 'quarantined' I truly Empathize with you, but honestly I believe this is all hogwash, how many epidemics have to occurr around or near election time before people see the pattern?

Bird flu?

Swine flu

I think these are ALL man-made, because how is not they all the same symptoms?

Nonetheless I wish the best and be safe
IM BAAACCKK!!! Posted 3 months ago
MAN where has the time gone?! AND SHIT IM ALMOST 60 days late buuuuuttt Happy 2020 everyone!!! Big things coming from your favorite undead werewolf in 2020, sooo stay tuned!