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Patreon Exclusive Content! Posted 3 days ago
So, I'm going to be posting a lot of content to the Patreon page over the next couple of weeks. Mostly the entire library of Rough and working drafts I have going, as well as a couple of short Patreon exclusive stories I'm about finished with. Most of what I get finished will be posted there immediately before I put it up here on my usual Friday publishing dates... when I have content to post anyway.

A new Patreon is born! Posted 5 days ago
Hurray, I now have me a Patreon, let us all sing and dance!

I'm planning on posting some exclusive content here in a day or two. Perhaps even sooner, so keep an eye out!

Friday Update! Posted 1 month ago
Posted a new Story today, a fun Dragoness sacrificial vore story, good stuff. I also dropped a rough draft on the Discord ( https://discord.gg/ywqVWwu ) for you all to preview, I'm hoping to have it ready to post within a week or two. As well as a the usual list of projects I have going and their progress. Stop by and give it a look. :)
Interactive Story. Posted 1 month ago
Ive been thinking about doing an interactive story for a while. Perhaps its about time I buckle down and do it. The only question is, what should I use? I did one using Python a long time ago, which is simple and works quite well, but i think there're better platforms avaliable to use nowadays.
Discord! Posted 1 month ago
I set up a discord as a place to post updates and better communicate with you all. Stop by, it's not all that lonely there...


I'm going to us it to post early copies of rough drafts and finished works before releasing them here. This will serve as an interim to build up interest for when I implement it on my eventual patreon. The rough drafts can be reviewed and commented on, so, your feedback will directly impact the story!
An Update! Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

So, I guess they have a new Blog system now and I can't do pictures just yet. But trust me when I say there's new material just around the corner! I'm moving to a Bi-Weekly posting schedule and already have one finished and ready to release Friday. It's a fun story from Cindar featuring Adeline, Thomas and some light cooking.

I think this new Schedule should work out and keep me posting material at a descent pace. Stay tuned!

A quick poll. Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone!

So, I'm looking into some future stories and thought it would be a fun idea to see what the community is interested in. That said, what aspect or particular kind would you all like to see in a story? I like to explore new things while appealing to my readers.

Let me know what you like and, who knows, I may do a story about it.

Random Update! Posted 3 months ago
Hey everyone!

Been rather busy lately with both work and writing, but I should have something for you all very soon. I'm a little over half way done with a large (15K word) commission I've been working on and have a couple singles that should be ready to post in a few days. Sorry for the dry spell, you all deserve better.

So, stay tuned for more stories and whatever else I can finish in the coming weeks! And as always, attached is another quick snapshot of all the various drafts I have in their respective editing processes right now.

Have a great weekend everyone!
I'm Still Alive... Posted 4 months ago
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been rather busy with a large commission and finishing up a Novella.

I do have several drafts that hve been completed and hope to have revised and posted soon. I also have the patreon more or less set up and hope to pull the trigger on that soon. All in all, things are progressing, I just heven't been able to post as often as I like.

Holiday Sale!? Posted 5 months ago
Hey everyone!

I'm thinking of doing a holiday commission sale! YAY! Perhaps as much as 25% (or more!) off to get you, or a special friend, in the right mood for the holidays.

I'll probably run it from the 15th to the 20th and will drop all the details a couple days before the event. Stay tuned!!