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Get you some early access! Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

Next weeks story is ready to go on the Patreon! Why not drop by and have a look. It's a simple, down and dirty soft vore story featuring Adeline and Thomas. While it may be Non-Canon due to it having started out as s snippet removed from the ongoing Novella, I still think it turned out pretty good. :)

What's in a name... Posted 1 month ago
So, I have my next big story done and ready to go... but I can't think of a good name. Which is kind of a pain at the moment. It's an aware version of An Unaware Lunch and is just over 15k. I don't suppose any of you have some good idea's for a fun name.
Next weeks story avaliable for early access! Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone!

New story is up on the Patreon for early access! Catch a look HERE! A fun anthro Macro/micro vore tale with rodents and and angry canine, commissioned by the delightful Choco0


The mice have gotten rather desperate of late as their supplies are getting rather low. They need to go out and scavenge for food and other necessary items before it's too late. However, that means putting themselves at risk of being caught by the houses primary resident. Kelso, a rather grumpy anthro Husky.

Despite the clear dangers, they head out for what they can find as there really isn't any other choice. However, when one of them manages to get...
[ Continued ... ]
Early Access! Posted 3 months ago
Hey everyone!

Next weeks story is up on the Patreon for those who'd like a sneak peak! It's a fun Furry, Macro/Micro accidental vore adventure involving the Brellan race I created earlier. Which was commissioned by Aeznon.

"Stefan's been tasked with completing some basic maintenance outside of the colony's human "safe zone". A job that's easy enough to do, but will put him in serious danger if he isn't careful. Where everything goes pretty well until he gets done and decides to have a quick look around. And soon discovers exactly how hazardous it can be for him out in the brellan world."

Stop by and have a look if you'd like.
Early Access! Posted 4 months ago
Hot diggity Dog! Next weeks story is already out on the Patreon! Stop by if you'd like an early peak at it before it goes public.
Early Access! Posted 5 months ago
Hey everyone.

Next weeks story is up on the patreon, stop by if you'd like an early peak at it. :)
Friday Update! Posted 5 months ago
Hello everyone, I hope you week went well and that you're all keeping safe and sane. I have two works that are ready to post. One is already up on the Patreon to give my patrons an early look, while the other is a commission that's just waiting for payment.

I should have several more stories done quite soon, both rough and finished draft, to add to the growing queue. Stay tuned for more manuscripts as I get a regular posting schedule set up!

A list can be found here, give it a look... -->

Have a great weekend!

Early Access! Posted 5 months ago
Hey everyone!

Next weeks story is now available to all my patrons! Stop by and get an early look before I post it here.
Still Alive! Posted 5 months ago
I'm going to post something again very soon, I promise!
Patreon Exclusive Content! Posted 6 months ago
So, I'm going to be posting a lot of content to the Patreon page over the next couple of weeks. Mostly the entire library of Rough and working drafts I have going, as well as a couple of short Patreon exclusive stories I'm about finished with. Most of what I get finished will be posted there immediately before I put it up here on my usual Friday publishing dates... when I have content to post anyway.