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Working Posted 2 years ago
Sorry I've been on hiatus, working my ass off and being sick.

I still think of you guys and owe people artwork , I'm sorry and will post as soon as possible. Just got another job too. I want to set a specific off day so I can get on and stream. I have been saving up to get a new drawing tablet for my birthday in June, I have a friend going in halves with me for it so at least there is that to look forward too. I haven't forgotten about anyone or Ekas , it's just hard to balance all the things going on in my life right now.

Thank you if you still watch me and sorry to my close friends on here for not keeping in touch as much as I should, I don't even keep in touch with people around me so it's just ack hard to stay social.

Ok well I am rambling so...
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Update Posted 3 years ago
Just dropping a much needed update. I had so many things going on holiday time and work and I was just so exhausted that I couldn't find much time to draw.

Com wise I have two that need to be finished, and I have a new comic for you guys. I should post it all within the week.

Sorry I haven't been as active as I use to, the older I get the harder It is to not feel drained at the end of the day .

I love you guys and all the art work here , I haven't forgotten about anyone or anything, and I will post as soon as I can.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New year's.

Much love, pocty p
update Posted 3 years ago
i am on 4 new medications and not dping tnat well so sorry for lack of art , thank you for reading, love you all, hope youre well
How did you get into vore? Posted 3 years ago
Well, I am very curious about how people got into vore.

For me, it's very simple, a friend introduced me to it.

How about you?
Hello Posted 3 years ago
Working and being sick is no fun :(
Update Posted 3 years ago
Hello guys.

So my boyfriend's surgery stuff has healed, and we have another one planned for next month.its going to be a 4 part surgery, so after the next one it will be half way done!

Anyways expect some art uploads in the next few days.

Thank you for all your wishes of good luck.

Love y'all

Anyone who keeps up with me, please read this. Posted 3 years ago
My boyfriend just went into huge surgery, he's home now and in a lot of pain, so for at the very least 3 days I won't be on Ekas because I need to take care of him.

I will still be working on commissions, but won't post either till I have time.

I will respond to everything when I can, I hope you all understand.

Thank you..
So I got a Furaffinity Posted 3 years ago

yes, so I am trying to branch out and learn to draw furries and anthroy type stuff.. it wont be pretty at first but hey we all have to start somewhere.

Ive always been interested in furries, but dont know anyone else who is so i strayed away from it..

so yea fuck em ima do wat i wan

*middle fingers in the air*

k thx qwq

Watcher Appriciation Stream Info Posted 3 years ago
So as you guys know, I have been trying to get my computer back in shape to be able to do a stream again. I think ive finally got it set up for the most part. I do need to know what day and time would work best for everyone. For me personally, I can do it around 5 to 1 central time pm to am, but I am willing to work out a day and time so that the most people can be there will be there.

I want to make a group vore picture, featuring everyone in the stream !

So please if you are a watcher of mine , and would like to be in the drawing and hang out with me on stream, then comment days and times withing the next week towards the first week of july that works best.

Based on that I will announce the day : )

p.s. even if only 1 or 2 people show...
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Blorp *update* Posted 3 years ago
Okay so, im in and out of it right now. Had to let go a job... so finacially pickled right now. Will be doing a stream sale soon and also a few ychs.

any particular ychs you guys wanna see from me?

Hmm currently all i am working on is 2 of my own comics and doodles.

The next commission I get Im giving a discount ×w× Gatta make da monies xD

also I have a really cool drawing im working on. Ive never tried snake vore, so Im going to xD

um yea, but uh thats it right now

k thx bai ♡poc