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Retiring from drawing vore, thanks for the years of support! Posted 3 years ago
As of today Im retiring from drawing vore. This is why Ive been posting a lot of old unfinished sketches, and declined opening up commissions again. To keep it simple, I like to refocus my life on future things, my career, and my own health. I've let vore consume me, pun intended, and my time. To be frank, I allowed it to become an addiction.

To clarify a few possible questions. No I'm not deleting the account. I will continue drawing but not here, ask me in DMs if you wish to know. This isnt a decision I made on the spot, and I'm doing this on my own terms. I think that covers most of it.

Thanks for the all the comments, watches, and faves. And to those I told early, thanks for the support!
A poll on favorite MLP Predators. Help out! Posted 6 years ago
Made a multiple option poll on favorite MLP predators. Go ahead and select your favorites! I based the options on the responses from Tumblr. The characters included had at least 2 mentions.
Check out Dash's POV Posted 6 years ago
Kdanielss made an inside POV of what Dash is seeing based on my Drop It drawing. Go check it out!

My illustration he based it on
Kdanielss ' animation
Important. Major mistake on my YCH deadline. Posted 6 years ago
Now I understand why someone mentioned the YCH deadline was too long. I only wanted it to be 5 days long and didn't realize I made it January 27th instead of January 20th.

I'll honor the original date posted, so the YCH still has a week left. So far the bids, at the time of this post, are..

Slot 1: $100
Slot 2: $80
Slot 3: $70
Slot 4: $85

Sorry for making the deadline far longer than I intended. Also a reminder, after the YCH ends I'll be asking for OCs for the background ponies in the other jars for free. First come first serve.

The YCH:
YCH? Need feedback. Posted 6 years ago
I'm thinking of doing a YCH (Your character Here) . Basically a bid system to include your character into a drawing. This may be an easier way for me to do commission work as it takes out a lot of issues regular commissions tends to have. I like to know your guys opinion of YCH drawings. I know its a hit or miss, with pros and cons. Perhaps I can try to decrease the cons if possible.

This is one big experiment for me, so keep that in mind.
Vore Idea Bank Public Release Posted 7 years ago
Started the vore idea bank over a year ago, based off of Braeburned’s idea bank. I did a few drawings based off the requests.

I have no use for the bank now, so I’m giving it back to you guys! If you ever need an idea, just go through this and pick something :) (Warning, all types of vore fetishes were suggested. I went through the responses and removed any personal information left by suggesters)

Download:!l0gB2DQJ!UlmXZS1yL ... X2s8Zm84Fc

(You don’t need to download any program to download, its easier to download on a...
[ Continued ... ]
Vore Drawing Auctions (Still going on) Posted 7 years ago
Chrysalis current bid ($40)

Pinkie/AJ current bid ($70)

The auction is still going on! If you want to bid on them then reply or send me a message. Auction ends at 12 AM (US/Pacific) tonight!

Drawings in question:
Who is Who? Posted 7 years ago
Thanks to all who submitted their suggestions on who should be who! I narrowed it down to the top 3 suggested in three categories. The mane six, non mane six, and male characters. Vote in this poll for the finally community decision!

The drawing in question:

Thanks to those who voted! with 42% Celestia x Twi wins!
Vore Scene Suggestions Posted 7 years ago
I would love to draw something inspired from a vore scene from a tv show or movie. I like to pick something where the prey failed to be swallowed whole. (Like prey was inside the maw temporarily but then got released)

So throw me some suggestions my way, include a link to youtube if possible. I'm itching to do this.
Do not screenshot my Art Streams Posted 7 years ago
Someone posted an unfinished drawing of mine online. I don't have the drawing planned to be uploaded for another month. Please don't screenshot my work, or I'll just stop my art streams, and that's not fun.

Besides, screenshots with my stream's quality just plain sucks. Blurry, pixelated, and colors are innacurate. It's like watching a movie through a lousy camcorder. Just don't do it.