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Ain't dead Posted 2 months ago
Just a small post to show I ain't dead, mostly been having art block to where I simultaneously wanna just finish something but also wanna perfect every aspect of it that I can. In the meantime enjoy the wip of the 3 part Pandora vore thing that I've been working on
Question on me OC's Posted 8 months ago
Out of curisoity, if i was to bring back one of me OC's that I drew long ago, who would you all want it to be?
Fishing for some ideas Posted 9 months ago
I think i wanna redo this lass but instead of a tentacle dark god theme I wanna go with something else. Feel free to shoot some ideas while i'm sketching out some stuff
Tear hast been finished Posted 1 year ago
To-do list for now

1. Do a trade with one of me mates
2. Do Pal's reference and finish the first chapter of the tale when i finally get a grasp of what I wanna write
3. Finish rat god smut with giant tits again
Minor update to melody's ref Posted 1 year ago
Changed the BG colour to be a big darker to make Melody herself stand out from it, and a color ref. I just realized that it's one of the most important things to add to a ref
Flat colour of Tear's done Posted 1 year ago
Took me forever to do, I know but I got a good portion of her done now, just gotta add her batty wings, and her giant tits then I can do er shading
Melody's greatsword WIP Posted 1 year ago


Got her flat colour done as well, and still have the sketch of her backshot for the reference, as for the first chapter of the tale, still working on it, more or less scrapped the entire first chapter I had because I realised it was mostly an exposition dump instead of exciting stuff. Hence I've decided to have Tear be a less lonely and relationship obsessed character, and more of another person trying to live life in society who's naive
Current plans Posted 1 year ago
1'st priority: Do a commision once i get back from my commissioner and payment

2nd priority: Finish up Melody and Tear's piece, including a back shot of them, and a few different faces showing their emotions.

3rd Priotity: Finish up a cleavage vore/whole body titfuck piece of mad rat and rat god

4th priority: Taking requests
Mad rat confession Progress Posted 1 year ago
Dear god it's been about a month, but I've recently dropped a tale I was doing in me spare time along side the non-vore art I make of my non-vore ocs, yada yada I figured the stuff I wrote wasn't gonna get me anywhere on the side.

Now for the stuff you all care about, with me dropping that stuff I can focus more on degeneracy, and in doing so I've gotten a good chunk of progress on my next mad rat piece, alongside a new story I'm writing. Currently I'm still brainstorming the tale and what to do with it but eh, slow and steady wins the race.
Ideas for next Mad Rat Dead horny pic Posted 1 year ago
A) Genderbent monster girl Mad rat fucking Rat god with big weiner

B) Monster girl heart eating Rat god wiv madrat resting atop their buttocks or breasts with a stiffie

C) Rat god and Mad rat marrying for no reason and having a romantic wedding together

D) The three becoming monster girls together with Mad rat and Heart being futas and Rat god being the big thicc one