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Discord channel! Posted 2 months ago
Come check it out!

Discord server? Posted 2 months ago
I’m currently making a discord server for my general art announcements and just overall fun! I’m inviting a limited amount of peeps to soft test it, but keep an eye out for the invite link soon!
Back to posting Posted 3 months ago
Hey there everyone! I’ll be back to uploading art here in the next day or so! So keep an eye out!
Commissions open! Posted 6 months ago
I am open for commissions currently! Feel free to pm me any questions or inquiries!
Gonna be slower on updates for a little Posted 6 months ago
I will be in and out of town for the next few weeks for various events, so updates will be slowed for a little X3
Comic YCH on FA Posted 7 months ago
So, I’m currently holding a ych over on my fa! It’s a 4-6 page comic, and YOU decide the ending! (Although I did set it up to be very vore-esque) heeh you can check it out here:

Thank you! Posted 7 months ago
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! I do read them, I’m just a little shy about replying x.x but know that I love all of them!
Decisions, decisions Posted 7 months ago
To mass post all my old stuff, or to post it slowly over the next week or so.....
I’m Finally Here! Posted 7 months ago
Hey everyone! So, Iv’e finally decided to make an account here! I will be posting some older pieces here for a while, so stay tuned!