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October update and LOOKING FOR PREDS! Posted 1 month ago
It’s spooky season! Pumpkin everything hehehehehe!!!!!
And soup! And pie!!!! X3 What's your favorite part of fall?

Speaking of spooky, I’ll be streaming progress on my current Halloween themed Comic YCH throughout this month,a s well as get one more spooky ych out before this month is up!

And now, Kimmy and I are looking for 2 Preds to partake in a 5 page comic! Some brief details below:

5 Page Comic- 3 Characters
$160 per person per page = $480/page
Workflow(and payment) on this will be a turnaround of about 1 page per month!

And now, some words from Kimmy!

“Hi all! I'm looking for 2 other people interested in a 3-way comic collaboration!

- One character needs to have a knotted shaft (Can...
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New YCH! Posted 2 months ago
I've started a Halloween themed YCH! Check it out!

I wan to do a single image halloween/spooky themed ych later in October after this ones done too!
September Updaets! Posted 3 months ago
Is spooky time upon us yet? :D I think it is!!!!!!
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I’m ready for pumpkin spice everything haha

So, here’s the updates for this month thus far!

YCH up for this month!
Check it out!
Any YCH ideas you guys wanna see for future YCH’s? I want to try out a variety of ideas, to keep inspired! I’ve been wanting to draw some more unwilling/hard vore things, maybe revisit voodoo doll vore again? I’ve noticed my nonvore things aren’t well received in my galleries, but I’ve been wanting to draw more non vore things too! Something fresh and new from time to time. There’s so many possibilities! Slimes, tentacles, femboy harems X3

I got sketch commissions...
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August Uodates! Commissions open! Posted 4 months ago
I’ve finally moved! I’m slowly unpacking things and settling in. My computer, work station, and other essentials are already set up! I’ll be unpacking everything else slowly i'm sure over the next month.

Now that I’m here, I plan on streaming more! Both in my server, and returning to Picarto again! I’ll be taking this next week to update my picarto, and get back to posting stream updates. I hope to settle into a good schedule of sorts here soon.

Right now I’m Open for work! Especially for sketches! Check out my artconomy for My sketch comm info ( All of my slots are open for sketches! I’ll be looking to fill my stream time with more sketchy things in between comic work!
I’ve also got a variety of YCH’s’...
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July Update! Sketch Comms Open! Moving again at the end of the month! Posted 4 months ago
I got sketch Commissions open on Artconomy! And I got some new flat price YCH’s up now, featuring some of my own Characters!

I’ll be moving around the end of this month! I’m very excited! I’ll post more updates in my Discord Server around when I’m moving, and getting my things settled in the new place!

We also got another artist Featured on the server this month! This month we have Melancholic Mash, who specializes in comics! They’re offering a sketch comic for their raffle prize! Check it out here:
June updates! Posted 5 months ago
Hello everyone! This is gonna a short quick update this month!

I got another wonderful artist highlight going on over at my server! The artist is Lostforte! ( They are offering a 4 panel comic in our giveaway! Go check it out! :D
Server link:

And lastly, I'm open for commissions at my artconomy! I'll be posting more ych's there this month as well.

That's pretty much it for now! I hope you guys have a wonderful June month! :D
Quick May update! Posted 6 months ago
Hello again! I hope everyone's having a good month so far! Got some quick updates for this month, so let's get into it!

I got sketch commissions open over on my Artconomy! I usually accept about 1-3 at a time, and the turnaround is about 2 weeks!

I also plan to sketch up some more ych ideas sometime over these next few months to throw up on my shop, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Our artist feature for May is an artist by the name 'Dog'!! Be sure to check out their super cute work, and enter the giveaway on my server!

Thats it for this month so far! I'll post more updates when ych's and...
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April Sketch Commissions and BirthdayMonth! Posted 7 months ago
Hello everyone, and happy April! There's not much for updates this time, but I do got a variety of commissions and YCH's open on my artconomy! Sketches are usually completed within 2 weeks! Go check them out!

It will be my birthday again at the end of this month! I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has supported, followed, and commented on my posts! You guys are so awesome, and I'm endlessly thankful for everyone and your support! I know I don't usually get around to replying to comments, but know that I read them all and truly appreciate them! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful April! I'm hoping to square away another big chunk of my backlog this month, so...
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Sketches open! March update! Posted 8 months ago
I moved into a new temporary living situation at the end of February. Things are still a little unorganized, but im unpacked enough now to get back to art and posting and being active online! I will for sure be moving again sometime within the next 6 months or so back to Colorado.

Sketch commissions are open! And will continue to be open! I'll finish them as I get them in! Please check out my sketch slots here:

We got another wonderful artist featured over on my discord server! This months Featured Artist is UslurpArt! He's a relatively new artist in the community with an exceptional painting style, and a penchant for drawing giant women, armor, and vore! He's very talented, and you should definitely...
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February update! Sketch comms open! Posted 9 months ago
I got sketch commissions open over at my Artconomy!

I'll work on these as I get them, finishing them in between other work things!

I've been trying to stream more regularly on picarto! While I get back into the general swing of streaming tho I've been streaming more in my server too! There's been some other cool artists streaming there as well lately!

I'm finally inking pages of a long overdue comic project I've had in the works! A hard vore comic with some detailed digestion over time, and technical episode 2 of my old work "Expensive Meal", this ones titled "Return Service"! Check out WIP's of it over on my subscribe star!
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