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Another Birthday!? Another year older!! Posted 1 month ago
12th October Birthday club unite!!! I’m another year older and yet I still get mistaken as 19 T_T; I suppose on this occasion I should reveal my age…but naw I’m just going to leave it at early 30s, what to do on such a special day? Do I have any plans? I do but not for today so if anyone has (probably fed up with me making these post) any questions about anything leave it in the comments and I’ll respond and for anyone else whose birthdays fall on this day…

A Spooky Time is Upon Us! Posted 1 month ago
Hi everyone!! Sorry for not being too active lately, work, commissions and commitments in my personal life keep me busy but now October is upon us! Not only is Halloween nearby but my birthday is this month too!! I was born on the 12th!! Both excited and sad that I’m getting older but what can you do!

Just a little update to let you guys know yes I’m still around and apologise for the time it takes me to get to commissions but they will be done!! If by a snails pace (<.<);

Will there be Halloween pieces posted this time? (Didn’t really get round to it last year because I’m a lazy XD) the answer is…yes, yes there will
Over a million!! Should I do something special or..... Posted 5 months ago
Yes I know I did a post like this on my page, but again I just want to thank everyone, I’m wondering if I should do something special for the community to celebrate the milestone, I’m up for suggestions, if there’s a certain thing that you'd like to see, like a previous piece I did reworked or a question you’ve been thinking on asking me in terms of process, or the story behind any pieces that were uploaded, or anything more random why not drop down a suggestion here?!

And I’ll try and answer best I can, between commissions :)
Changing the upload format a bit Posted 7 months ago
Hi everyone! Just completed the current commission and will now take a month off to go nuts!!

So uploading is going to be a little bit different this time around as I’m going to upload one page per week instead of one page every 2 days, I think this will help a little bit when handling commissions, this does not mean that I’m ditching the current commission list, I will be right back on top of it once the three weeks are up!

I just need to go a little crazy and complete some stuff I’ve wanted to do for a while!

So expect some uploads for other projects I’m handling in between ;) see yeah bunnies!!
Happy Easter Everybody!!!! Posted 7 months ago
Remember to stay safe!! And enjoy your easter egg trees!!! Yes for some reason this has become a thing in the UK but I SHANT JUDGE because I really can't afford too XD

While I'm here, feels like I haven't been on here for a while...that is a lie I can hear some people saying because I do check out other's art every now and then and from the discord I do pop in every now and then, but while I'm here, do you guys do anything special for Easter? my family has this thing where we do meet up and I get to see the family doggos, sadly I don't have a dog, pumpkin's dad is allergic, that also includes any other fluffy companion (>;_;<) but we probably not going to do much partying this year though -_-
HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!! Posted 8 months ago
Happy St. Patrick's day everybody!! Funny thing while I was growing up in Ireland (in the North really) is that when I saw a couple of episodes of some kids shows about people being pinched if they didn't wear green...I never really came across that when I was wearing none green clothes on this day, me personally I don't really celebrate it a lot, I don't drink so I never really saw the appeal XD

Sorry for being silent for a long time, nearly done with the current commission, just another few pages and done, although before the next one I may take a month break after it's completed to recharge and do a few projects that I have on the back burner, which does include some Pokemon short comics and some original stuff, some people might've seen some previews of them in my...
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Just realised it’s been a year since I uploaded stuff...BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS!! Posted 9 months ago
I just realised since it’s coming close to Valentine’s Day, that it’s been a year since I posted my stuff on here, I just want to thank everyone who has supported my work over the past year, especially with recent circumstances with COVID and all...

I’m usually terrible with stuff like this, like making pieces for holidays and everything but I’m happy to be a part of this community and how nice everyone is since I came on here, once again thank you all so very much for your support!!
NEW YEAR! NEW VENTURES! Posted 10 months ago
Hi everyone! How you all doing in the first month of the new year? Me, trying to not be a lazy butt and take more part in the community XD commissions are coming along nicely, near the halfway point on the current one, everyone is probably fed up with me saying this but commissions are still going on ahead and I thank everyone for being so patient with me while I get the projects done, currently not accepting any new ones at the moment and decided to take my time and making sure I bring my A-game

Speaking of upping my A-game, I'm gonna try and do some more side projects (I have nearly over a year of ideas here and there XD some may know of a few from sketches on my discord) and probably update my ko-fi account XD let's face it is EMPTY AS FRICK of any content, maybe even reach...
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HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS Posted 10 months ago
And as the year comes to a close, I hope that we get a better year because I miss going outside to shop and meet up with friends, but chatting to guys on here and finding out new things and playing new games has been good

If someone told me I’d be posting art on here a year ago I would just say “yeah as if I can draw half the stuff that pops up on here, I mean half the stuff is creative! I’m no where near that creative or good!” And what first started out as a place I can vent more risqué pieces and add more to the M/M section, I mean seeing how things turned out I still can’t believe it!

Thanks for your support and I hope we can continue to have fun in the New Years guys!!
Merry Christmas everybody!! Posted 11 months ago
Just want to wish everyone on here a very merry Christmas! Stay safe and have a nice Christmas with your folks especially in these trying times!