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Commissions closed for a moment Posted 9 days ago
Hi folks, just to let you know that commissions will be closed for now while I get the last one done and also take a break after the last one! I will open for commissions again in future, once I do I will update my blog so keep an eye out!
I’ve been thinking... Posted 2 weeks ago
I was wondering if I should upload some of my stuff on to E-Hentai too? Mm I dunno, I have been thinking about it for a while, ha we'll see

Other than that how are you guys? Everything ok where you are?
Whelp apparently there will be a fine in the UK but other than that how’s you? Posted 2 weeks ago
I mean the weather has been fine here except it’s going to rain later this week...buuut enough about that how are you guys passing the time?
How about something to pass the time? Posted 2 weeks ago
For everyone who's currently in their homes, how about a little bit of fun, ask me any question you want and I'll reply with an answer, it can be anything related to current events, certain characters like Jel or anything!

Let's pass the time...hmmm you know what, even make a suggestion on which character you would like to see a pred or prey vore art on!
Stay Safe Everybody! Posted 3 weeks ago
Hi everyone, just wanted to do a little update, this whole Coronovirus thing is scary, I dunno about you, I live in a small part of the UK and in light of this news it's all rather crazy (atm toilet paper and hand sanitizers have been very scarce and also we start meme-ing and joking on the situation to cope with it all ^_^; . at my work it was pure quiet), like something out of a zombie apocalypse! Hopefully, this will calm down when summer comes round, stay safe everyone and make sure to wash your hands and self-quarantine if you have it, I know this is a weird kind of post but I think it's because of the entire media hype that it's causing some of us to go a little loopy, I'm usually a very laid back individual but even I can't ignore or make light of the situation when it's spreading,...
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Just a little heads up - Commissions are still open Posted 1 month ago
So commissions are still open and there are 4 slots left however after this commission drive I will probably change the price to comics again that or I need to advertise comics separately ooor I just need to learn to manage my time better (probably that one, and lack of sleep) XD No worries they are still $20 for 5 pages at this moment in time however that might change in future...meh I might leave it for now while I’m still trying to figure things out!

So in case I do change the prices in future, for anyone that just wants 5 coloured comic pages for $20 (and yes you get 5 pages for every $20 you spend) send me a pm or a little email which is located on the commissions page!!

Any questions leave a message and I’ll answer best I can, for commissions info -...
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Taking a mini break/ Commissions are still open! Posted 1 month ago
Hey guys! Gonna be a little bit quiet, I will post every now and then but it may take a little longer than normal just to recharge, my commissions are still open! Find details here - https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commission.php?id=PumpkinSugarSpice

Also if there is something you would like to see in future leave a comment ;)
Taking the plunge! Commissions are open! Posted 1 month ago
So decided to do some commissions, for more details check out my commission page!

Will probably change the details and prices later!
Valentine Vore vote - Nessa or Bea? Posted 1 month ago
So I don’t usually do special day art pieces, I’m bad at it so I'm just going to ask for the next one instead, dunno whether to do Bea or Nessa Vore art...sooooooooooooooooo I'll leave it up to you guys which,

I’ll even leave it open to what kind of Vore you want to see, let them get swallowed by their Pokémon, a random Pokémon, another trainer or each other, I’ll leave the way it’s done up to you guys while also picking who you want to see getting vored

Kind of excited to see how this goes!

Because sometimes Valentine’s Day is a little overrated!