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How does me taking requests works anyways?!? Posted 5 years ago
That's a good question, ME! Allow ME to explain!

Since I'm doing this whole art thingy as just for hobbies and fun, I don't wanna get too filled in with requests. Other words, too much is WAY too much! I don't wanna make this feel like work because I already have a job, don't need another one :D So if you feel like you wanna request from me, send a PM and tell me your idea. I won't promise that I will draw your idea for sure, but if I like it or feel like drawing it, then I'll save that idea and draw it at some point. At WHAT POINT, you may ask? Well.... I dunno. But if I do, I'll be in touch with you then. Simple as that ^-^

And to all of you who are asking commissions...
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Happy New Year!! Posted 5 years ago
Well the year 2015 has now officially passed away and 2016 is on it's way! Wanna wish you all happy new year and thank you for all the favorites, nice comments and watches! You guys rock like no one else!!

We'll see what 2016 has in store, hopefully something good! :)
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Posted 6 years ago
Sadly I haven't been able to do any art for Christmas this year, because my schedule has been so damn busy lately. But at least I wanna wish you peaceful holidays :)

Merry Christmas to all of you! ^-^
Good News, Bad News Posted 6 years ago
Alright, Good news! I got my PC back sooner than expected so I should be back in action in no time... But why not now, you might NOT ask? Well....
Bad News! I lost all my shit. My old hard drive was apparently too damaged to save my data. THANKFULLY a smart man would have made some backup disks, right?! Sadly, I'm not a smart man so I never did those, gotta learn the hard way, I guess lol
So what this means is that all my drawings, unfinished drawings, Paint Tool Sai and everything else is gone.

BUT I should be able to get back to fapping like a madman soon enough! I mean... drawing... like a !! >.>
So it happened Posted 6 years ago
My pc died, yay._ so i will be out of action for awhile, possibly from 1-2 months. Writing this by using my ps4, imagine how tedious it is to write anything with this :D anyway, see ya..... I hope ^-^
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Posted 7 years ago

See the rules here

Want to do something to thank you all who are watching me, you gals and guys are the best. SO I'll be accepting 10 requests for now. I'll see if I take more after I'm done with those. Reply to this blog if you want the request and then send me a PM for the details.

Again, thank you all for the support! Honestly I never thought I would get so many people to like my art & stuff, you are the best of kind!! ^-^

1. Leviathin
2. max123
3. Angel
4. Bright
5. Voreking100
6. CrimsonShadow
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[Requests Closed] Posted 8 years ago

Requests are closed for now. I have 3 requests that I'm gonna finish and then I'll move back to my own stuff. I will open requests at some point again and when I do, I'll let you guys know. :)
Happy New Year 2013! Posted 8 years ago
Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! Another year has passed with full of enjoyments, disappointments, satisfactions, sadness, happiness and laughter. Hopefully 2013 will be great for all of you awesome dudes and dudettes! 8)