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Doing Requests Again (Slots Closed) Posted 1 month ago
Decided to do requests again. Request are full again.

So, here are the rules:
1. Requests are for stories only.
2. Oral vore only.
3. No hard vore.
4. The genders of the prey or predators do not matter as long as the prey is human. I do have a preference for F/F, F/M, and M/F though.
5. The focus of the stories will be vore. Some sexual teasing is fine, but I'm not going to overdo it.
6. I'd prefer if you're request is related to a series I'm familiar with, unless your idea allows me to work with original characters, preferably my own.
6b. You can request stories with your own original characters, as long as I can get myself familiar with them. As the above states, you're also aloud to request anything with characters I've...
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Vore Survey Reminder Posted 2 months ago
I put out a little survey not too long ago. So if you missed it, here's a link: https://forms.gle/fzUhyJ2eaYRtbnmVA
Burn Out And Random Motivation Posted 2 months ago
I get to a lot of points where I just don't feel like working on anything and would rather view content. And then I have my moments where I'm suddenly motivated. So I've got several stories started since I write up until after the prey is swallowed and get to digestion later. It's a little overwhelming looking at how many of them I've started working on but am too lazy to finish. I'll get to it eventually, lol. And no, I haven't forgotten about the requests. Those are at the same point as most of my stories: I just need to get to the digestion part. I've always been infrequent with when I'm on here so I can't really make any promises as to when any of this stuff will be done. That's part of the reason I post multiple stories at once most of the time.

I don't really have much...
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Now Accepting Requests, But There's A Catch (Slots Full) Posted 5 months ago
I can be pretty slow with putting stuff out which is why I usually post multiple stories at once. Although, I did slow down on that near the end of last year. I have stories that I've been working, some of which have been sitting for over a year that I'll get out there when they're finished. While I have a million ideas of my own, I know I'm not always going to have them so I decided to open up requests again. However, since I never got around to a lot of the requests I had around 2015-2016, I'm going to set a limit. For now, I'm only going to do five request and it'll be first come, first served. There are going to be some rules if you wanna make one.

1. Requests are for stories only.
2. Oral vore only.
3. No hard vore.
4. The genders of the prey or...
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Another Year Is Over Posted 6 months ago
It's the end of 2019. I'm pretty content with the content I've put out this year. If you've been following my stuff, you know I'm pretty big on willing prey. The reason I write so much willing prey compared to unwilling is because most vore content creators stick to unwilling. And it's not like I'll do art. I'm terrible at drawing after all. Maybe some day in the future, I'll be willing to spend money to have people draw some stuff, but for now, I'll just stick to my writing. I'm often getting ideas involving characters from franchises I'm into or ideas that will have me create more of my own. Over the years, I've tried out some different things and it's always been interesting to read the kinds of comments I get, especially when DeviantArt's are stuff like "wtf is this" and the...
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The End Of The Year Posted 1 year ago
This year hasn't really been that great but I am glad I was hit with several new ideas and was actually able to put a lot of them out. I have no idea how active I'll be next year, or how much I'll put out. All I know is I am planning on more fanfiction and original stories in the future and I would like to try some new things with them to (like how I started having the prey get cooked in some stories). As for my interactives, I'll continue to work on those over time whenever I'm in the mood to work on them. Currently, none are complete, unless you count the male route in Life As Food. Anyways, my last five stories for the year have gone up so don't expect any more until 2019, okay?

Things have been annoying with my YouTube channel as well. I've had to hide everything for a...
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What Happened To My YouTube channel? Posted 2 years ago
Several people have been asking and I guess I forgot to publicly make an update here. You may have noticed that my YouTube content is gone. The good news is none of it was deleted, it's just all been hidden from the public. Lately, not just me but several vore channels have been struggling and receiving strikes. There's rumored to be some kind of anti-vore group going around and that's really all I know about it. I've received two out of three strikes, so I decided it would be best to hide my content for a while until everything blows over. I apologize if you were wanting to see any of the vore scenes I uploaded.
Dug Up An Old Interactive Posted 2 years ago
I started writing an interactive story back in 2016 and hadn't really done anything with it since then. I've decided I don't want it to just be sitting around but unpublished but here's an interactive vore story that I never finished.

Title: Pete's Vore Adventure

Pete moves to a strange new town with this family where he is most likely (definitely) going to get eaten alive. It's just weird to think that it's a normal thing here and that it's somehow not fatal. Can Pete get used to his new school life?"

The story:

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How I Got Started Posted 2 years ago
Back when I first started making vore content, I didn’t know that I would end up more popular for stuff like this than for anything else. I’ve put out a lot of non-vore content on other accounts which I will not be linking since I want my fetish to be secret from the people that actually do view this content. I wasn’t always interested in making vore content. At first, I just wanted to view or read whatever other people had made.

Late 2014, I started getting some ideas in my head. Most of these never left my head though. However, one of them I started typing up on deviantArt rather than typing it before uploading. I definitely learned from that experience because I didn’t know what happened to the story after that and thought I lost it. I found it somewhere with my...
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