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Birthday, and that time a month ago I was almost dead. Posted 10 months ago
Well, it's that time of year again. 33, I'm older. So happy.

Anyway! On to the main point of the journal.

As some people, mostly those on DIscord/Telegram are doubtless aware, I went AWOL about 5 weeks ago, and while I'm more or less back now, I've had one hell of a month-and-a-bit.

At the end of October I went in for a surgical operation to improve my quality of life. It was an incredibly low risk operation, I was meant to go under the knife, wake up a few hours later, mill about in a hospital bed for a few days and be on my way.

Obviously, that didn't happen. Apparently I started bleeding from multiple unknown locations in my guts, and they had to wake me up just so I could sign waivers for exploratory surgery, which meant they'd be...
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Aaaaaand I'm old(er) Posted 1 year ago
I hate the linear passage of time.
The end of ponies, and I'm having ALL of the emotions (Rant) Posted 2 years ago
Except for the comics, that are continuing. And the planned CGI movie... and god knows what G5 will bring, though I heard it's going to be more focused on adventure arcs, and not on slice of life, which bums me out. AND OH GOD THE PORN.

Fair warning, this is long, and it's going to be gloomy.

Aaaaaaanyway... my mood isn't great. Despite having somewhat lost some interest in the show, with a lot of the wonderful writers that made the early (And even mid) seasons amazing rotating out, aaaaand falling out of reading tons of fanfics, keeping on top of fan content, Deep down I still had... fuck, still have, such a deep emotional connection to the show.

Which I didn't always. In fact, for the first couple of years I was HARD on the contrarian...
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Please for god's sake, go buy Journey. Posted 2 years ago
I normally don't make call to actions publicly that often. Not for games.

But fuck, if you never played Journey because you never had a PS3 or PS4, it's on the Epic Game Store for 5 bucks on sale.

It's one of the most enthralling, emotional experiences I've had in a game over the past 10 years, and if you enjoy having feelings, do yourself a favour and buy the game. You couldn't possibly regret it for 5 bucks.

Edit: Four comments across 2 platforms I posted this, all bitching about the epic game store. Jesus fuck, people.
Sobble or die. Posted 2 years ago
Grookey goes down the toilet.
Happy New Year you amazing perverts! Posted 2 years ago
I love each and every degenerate fuck on this website!

Especially the ones that draw Mae Borowski with a huge butt <3

But for real, Mwah~
Birthday! Posted 2 years ago
Yup, I'm 31. Fuck :V
Monster Hunter...again! Posted 3 years ago
So yeah, got it on steam this time. Anybody wanna do this? :v
Hey hey, who's getting Monster Hunter World on PS4? ;3 Posted 3 years ago
Feel free to add me on PSN, I'm Dark_Reiku.

MHW will pretty much be my life from here on out, so let me know and we can fight some big sexy wyverns together, oh, and poke me if you want my Discord, to game or to chill ~<3
Well fuck me, I'm Thirty Posted 3 years ago
And I'm officially retiring my cringy Birthday announcement that I never really used on Eka's.

Now please excuse me while I have an existential crisis about entering my fourth Decade.