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Swift vore in my LBP2 Starfox level Posted 10 years ago
Just also mention it here because it got some vore content!

Ok, last time I've shown a WIP video that I'm still working on my own Little big Planet 2 Starfox version and also added myself as the Boss for this Level.

Its still just a wip and not many attacks and stuff added but now there is vore!

I wanted a suck-and-chew attack (like Andross) anyway but now if you actually lose your last bit of energy because of the chewing Swift will swallow the Arwing and you are done for~

Soooo, just a bit more gameplay even I only played this one to get hit so I can show the swallowing stuff in the end x3

Well, I'm working for such a long time on this stuff. Actually everything is finished, just have to work on the boss some more. So I...
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My vore preferences Posted 11 years ago
( copy - paste from fa :P )

I just thought would be fun to write down my vore preferences, so if someone is asking me about it or wanna draw a picture or whatever, I can always just link to this journal hrhr. So now some vore facts about me in bad english yay~

Vore itself is my main fetish and the most erotic thing I can imagine (next to sexy furry females x3) even its nothing you could really enjoy in real life.

I prefer unwilling but that depends on the pred heh <3

I don't like to have just a random predator. I really have to like the predator and its even better if I know the predator myself.
I mostly prefer female preds but...
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Okami Okami Okami Okami Okami ~ oh and 3DS Posted 11 years ago
Uhm just something about the 3DS at first.
So I bought it yesterday and I'm kinda surprised. It a really nice effect, but I already got bored about the effect after a few minutes, mostly because I have no games for it anyway lol. Its like a 3D movie, if you start watching it its awesome, but after a few minutes its just kinda normal and you don't even notice 3D so much anymore. Well, still have to wait for a good game. All the small games are a nice add, but everything is just working with the 3D camera, so the graphics arn't that awesome, espacially because you need enough daylight to play it. Just such a bad start lineup (at least for my taste) so its just a first opinion. Still cool thingi

Yep I'm really in an Okami mood <3
When I first played Okami on PS2 it...
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Review of 2010 Posted 11 years ago
Yeah, just a boring review for myself...

If I look back at 2010 its not really such a awesome year, just pretty rare highlights.
MMC (small german furry convention), Eurofurence 16 and the visit from Acidrenamon are the only highlights I can remember. Also good to have so many nice friends, thank you guys so much for always cheer me up at some point.

Also thanks for all the nice gift art I got this year. I really love every single pic <3

yeah, except these stuff it was a really boring year. Since the last three months I just got very bad depressions, because almost every day something bad happened. Its nothing I could not handle, its not the end of the world but I'm still horrible depressed. Well... maybe there is still one thing I can't...
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Back from Eurofurence ! Posted 11 years ago
Yis I'm back from Eurofurence 16 and grrrrrrrrrrr why its already over D: ?
It was a really great time there with all ups and downs.... yeah my mood was kinda changing every hour...
Whatever it was still awesome. Met all the awesome persons I already know from my other two conventions again and also so many nice new people there itchigo-icetalons , SairysRazorWind , Silkysworld (damn I didn't even noticed it was you D: ) and many more (but don't know all account names :< )~

There was also a small vore meeting but ehhh... sorry guys that it was such a dissapointment... forceswerwolf already tried to do a vore meeting because of ShadowSani but somehow there was nobody at the meeting *shrugs* so we've given it up. I was not online the whole convention so I didn't...
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Away ~ Eurofurence 16 Posted 11 years ago
Ok I'm away to Eurofurence now! (well... tomorrow morning) Hope I'll have some fun and meet many nice people again ! Also my first time for the artshow... got two already uploaded sketches, one secret very small first try traditional color picture, a secret vore picture and a secret Macro picture x3 sure will upload everything after Eurofurence. Will also visit my parents the week after EF so I'm not sure when I will be online again. Anyway see ya all soon.

Have a nice time RenaAyama/SwiftAyama
Just an update Posted 11 years ago
Sadly the time of Acidrenamon`s visit is over and now the days are boring again lol. except my skunkbunny is still here till Eurofurence. It was a great time with acid and I'm glad that somehow I just meet such great persons in real life. We had a lot of fun and acid was also a great help for my computer problems. Acid just have given us way too much and now I have to draw a lot as a thank you~ Thank you so much Acid, was really a great time and just hope to see you again very soon.
Thanks for being such a good friend! Pffftt 27 !!!

Everything else:
Oh and sorry that I don't reply that often atm... I'm just very busy and still have to do a lot of things.
Also drawing some sketches for the Eurofurence Artshow... sadly just can show pencil works because...
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 - New challenger approaching Posted 12 years ago
Normaly I'm not such a big fan of these fighting games. Just played Bloody Roar years ago but never found any good fighting Game again (at least for me) after seeing all the Marvel vs Capcom stuff I thought ok thats kinda cool, love the graphic and Felicia is playable thats already nice but today I really got a OMGWTF moment. My dream comes true :D
Okami Amaterasu joins the battle <3 thats so awesom !!!! want want want

I always was hoping this would happen sometimes in a Capcom VS ... game, but thought its maybe not possible because of Amaterasus shape. It was already kinda cool to see the final boss Yami from Okami in Capcom vs Tatsunoko, but it was also a dissapointmlent...
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Oh well... Posted 12 years ago
Ok, Foshu is on the way back home. Forces will leave soon. After waiting so long, now two weeks are already over again....
Still speaking english was hard but at least Foshu had a lot of patience as always *laughs* I still hope you had at least a bit fun this two weeks, even we couldn't do everything we wanted to do. Hope you getting better very soon foxie. Thank you for everything foxie, thanks for all the tasty food, thanks for all the sweet gifties (love the gifties <3) thanks for the head shot while playing airsoft thingi and just thank you so much for the good time. I'm always so weak... Everytime someone I like is leaving I have to cry a few minutes later... however...
We all love ya foxie <3

Now I have one week of freetime left and my parents will...
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Back from MMC 13 and now...~ Posted 12 years ago
yus so I'm back from MMC 13 (MephintMiniCon 13) was kinda fun, but I still prefer Eurofurence because I need more events x3 I'm not someone who can just sitting somwere for hours and just talking and talking and talking... I don't even drink alkohol so its even more boring lol however, it was still fun.

I think I'll upload less art the next few weeks... Wanna do art for the Eurofurence 16 conbook also something better for the Artshow... my "welcome" sketch just worth 5 Euro... so it was not good enough lol but it was nothing special anyway. Also Foshu will visit Destorarc, Forceswerwolf and me for two weeks. Hope it will be fun <3

However, I'm feeling strange atm, always just kinda depressions and a "go away everyone I wanna time for...
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