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Next round of funding for Cretaceous Seas Posted 2 years ago
Cutting right to the point, after the first two levels of Cretaceous Seas come out I need to look at the options for continued funding to keep the game development going. This is my least favorite part of the job, but the funding is what keeps the project alive. Just to be super clear, I'm not asking for an extra dollar until I get that release out but I do want to start the discussion around how we're going to approach it when the time comes. The original campaign funding only covers those first two levels, and that release date is coming up soon.

With additional funding we plan to add another 4-6 levels and more creatures on top of the first 2 levels, depending on what we get. The minimum target budget for that, with working another 6-8 months, is $25k (or roughly $3-4k...
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Monthly comic voting is BACK ON! Posted 2 years ago
If you want to vote on what comics Secret Stash will be publishing, sign up on the patreon.

Oh, and if you try to vote by leaving your favorite in the comments... what are you doing?
???????????? Why? Those don't get counted, votes are only for patrons who support the studio.

Here's the post and the voting options:
"Now that I'm working full-time on the Cretaceous Seas game, I've assembled a small team of talented artists to handle the comics production. I've been sticking to a 4-6 page story format but would like to start expanding up to 9-12 page shorts. Ultimately, I REALLY want to start publishing an on-going comic series, and the idea polled well. That concept requires a totally different format,...
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