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Minor Changes Posted 1 month ago
Temporarily, from now on documents will be uploaded in .rft format for people who only read on cell phones and are too lazy to download it or need to translate it into their main language.

Also, in each story there will be a link to the PDF format, which is 100% reliable, I manage it and only me, and honestly I have so much work that I'm too lazy to even think about trying to hack someone or something like that.

And if you don't want to download it for that same reason... ma budy, are you aware that you are practically in a 100% ANONYMOUS community where they can hack your account very easily and get information about you?

Anyway, the hypothenuza.
Haha Posted 2 months ago
I almost forgot to say that I have been sick for a few days. It's two days until I finish my medication, so I guess in 3 more days you will hear from me again.
Lol Posted 2 months ago
Wow, five months... and no, I'm not dead! In fact I think I'm more alive than ever!

Tomorrow I will finish my two remaining commissions, and I will post whatever I have left to post.

I will reopen shortly! So! SIGAN VIENDO
Request? Posted 8 months ago
Currently, I'm finishing commissions and some trade with a friend, but I'm open to accept requests for short stories, if any of you are interested, send me a DM.

I will not accept all of them, probably only the ones I like the most.

Don't expect them too soon, I have 4 commissions to finish before then.
Hi Posted 9 months ago
If all goes well, I will finish my pending commissions VERY soon and start being active around here.
HELLO FRIENDS! I'M BACK!!! 2- Now it's personal! Posted 11 months ago
It's been a while, I needed a break due to financial and personal problems, so I'm sorry for my inactivity.

But I haven't been doing nothing! I've been doing commissions all the time I've been in the dark, and I have a surprise that I'll announce in a few hours!
Discount is extended until April Posted 1 year ago
Not much to say, financial crisis, work, little time, life stuff :3
Commissions are open! Posted 1 year ago
Hello, my commissions have officially opened, I have fixed some things in my life, as well as giving me more time for my literature vore! I have a lot of things to announce, but first of all.

I know I'm not the best writer or translator, I have a hard time coming up with a story and then translating it into another language, I have to read it several times and well, many things escape me, so, thank you, everyone.

That said, the first thing is that the Fanfict Package will increase in price, but the attention it receives will increase a lot, giving it a higher priority than the commissions or trades.

I plan to do a Patreon or Pixiv soon, I'm not sure exactly when, maybe at the end of this month or next month, but I'm sure I will.
35% discount on commissions! Posted 1 year ago
Hello! Good afternoon! I am here to inform you that, for today only
35% discount on commissions (not including the fanfict package)!

And for those who have already asked for a commission! The discount increases to 40% and you have the option no rescrictions!

If you are interested send me a DM or through my Discord account!!!
Ko-Fi!! Posted 1 year ago
Now I have Ko-Fi! Where I will accept donations and proposals for future projects!