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Vore Day! 8/8 Posted 1 year ago

It feels weird, but after a long time lurking, this is my first proper "Vore Day" blog post. For the folks who are wondering, yes, I did write a story with the goal of releasing on Vore Day, but it's still in the editing process and needs to be tweaked a bit. I'm not going to rush the release, because I'd prefer to give you all a quality story.

So, if I don't have a story ready to post right now, why am I still typing? I think there is something really cool about Vore Day to point out that might get missed. I'm fortunate enough to interact with some really awesome content creators in this community. And I can say that a ton of them have been in an absolute frenzy to get stuff ready for Vore Day. They've been busting their asses to create stuff...
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Question Posted 1 year ago

I wanted to provide you all a quick update and ask you a question as well. First, the update! So you may have noticed I don't crank out the stories quite as quickly. I've been experimenting with my style and prose. I want to keep delivering better and better writing to you all, so it is taking me a bit longer. I think the improved final product is worth it. If not, feel free to tell me it sucks and to get back to work. :) Never fear, though, I'm still actively working on projects to share with you all. It just takes me a bit longer.

Now, moving on to the question! I'm currently working on two story concepts. One is a non-Ryuniverse story with a new character and the other is "The Empousa's New Clothes: Part 2." I've realized I should probably...
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Update to Next Writing Project Posted 1 year ago

Just wanted to provide you all a quick update. Normally, I put out a story every 2 weeks or so and it has been a bit longer than that. I also know that my last blog pertained to writer's block. Just wanted to share that I have completed a new story and a kind individual is currently applying their formidable editing skills to it. I'll be able to disclose a bit more after the editing is completed. I can tell you that the current story (prior to editing) was my longest story and features both Ivy and Erisia. :)

In addition to the writing update, you've probably noticed that I've added some new folders and made some minor tweaks. Behind the scenes I've been doing some world building and a group of my stories ("Ivy's Appetite," "Hellacious...
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Next Writing Project Posted 1 year ago
So I've hit a bit of writer's block. I'm determined to write up a vore piece soon, but I am unsure what to do. Accordingly, I thought I'd turn to you all to find out what you prefer. :) Currently, I have an unnamed universe (I know, I know, I need to get on that). This universe encompasses the stories of "Well Snackshually", "Hellacious Appetite", and "Ivy's Appetite." In that universe, I have a bit of a split with the focus of "Hellacious Appetite" and "Ivy's Appetite" being our poor, unfortunate protagonist Kevin. In "Well Snackshually," I introduced Ciara as a character. I plan on writing further stories in this universe focusing both on Ciara and Kevin. I also wrote an experiment in same-size vore when I did "Of Witches...
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First Entry Posted 1 year ago
Hello all!

I thought this might be a bit fun to give a whirl. I've been a long time lurker in the vore community, but I have never really interacted much before. I'm well aware that this lowly blog post probably won't get much traffic, but felt it might be fun to see who happens to stumble upon it. :)

Feel free to ask me whatever you like and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Note: Due to my work, I may have to be a bit circumspect in some of my answers, but outside of those issues, I'm game to answer. Feel free to hit me with whatever questions you would like.

Let's see what happens.