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New shit on the way Posted 1 year ago
Mostly porn, some obscure preds I fap to, etc

I'm gonna make more use of the whole crotchbelly anal sex thing I did with Jushy and Cherry (written 2/25/19) so from hereon I'll be posting stomach handjobs, sex in and out of stomachs, maybe some pinups??, and if I'm in the mood or have time I'm gonna put stories on each of my more recent posts, all of them erotic so you can enjoy a nice read up on how a predator """"tortures"""" me, haha. Yeah I'm like, a huge belly slut so don't be all surprised, especially towards Cobalion like damn in a room full of Cobalions I will constantly be in one of the many every second.
Do people read these? Posted 1 year ago
Well, besides you, (good job), I doubt people even know we post these.
Why are there no thumbnails Posted 1 year ago
Easy question for me to do, the answer may shock you.

I don't feel like making a thumbnail for every single picture I post here, kids aren't allowed on this site and I don't hide what fetishes my posts of 1 image have portrayed. I don't like, post scat, or doughnuts... so why even bother wasting space on my phone making a thumbnail for something I know people will just download and probably masturbate to.
So I recently came back to here Posted 2 years ago
I noticed my account has been well... dead for the past 2 years, actually dead since maybe vore day ironically, so to make it up to everyone on Aryion, I'm going to post all the goodies in my bag of tricks as well as share more than such. Maybe I can make some well earned friends here in the meantime huh? (But looking at the forum layout I kind of wished it updated during my abscence.)
I believe I am the first one to do legit Centipeedle vore Posted 3 years ago
mhm, well now that that's taken care of back to drawing "porn" like usual <3
What are you doing here? Posted 3 years ago
I don't make blogs, ew.