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Art Comms Re-open!! Posted 6 days ago
Hey y'all!!
Reopening Art comms here!
Opening 3 slots this time! (3/3 avaliable)

I do Sketches, Inked Pieces and Coloured Pieces! Send me a note if your interested! :D
Thas all :3

Hope yous all doin' okay.
Commissions Open! Posted 4 weeks ago
Hey y'all!
Just opening up art commissions here!!
Just opening two slots here to keep it simple, but I may open more if there's enough interest!

Send me a PM, if you're interested!!

Hope to hear from y'all soon!

UPDATE: Both slots have been claimed! I'll be working on them now. Commissions will re-open later once I've finished them.
AMAs! Posted 2 months ago
So, a lil' while back I asked on DA, if my watchers were interested in asking my characters questions!
And some of them were interested!

So, let's do it!
I've got main OCs for sure, but these aren't my only OCs; I've actually got lots more and I think you should try asking me questions about any and all of them!
So, I encourage you to go through my gallery and find the characters that interest you! Heck you can even ask ME a question, if you want.
(Just remember that I can't speak for characters who belong to other people that I drew as commissions and what not. :P)

Ask any question you want, as many as you want and whenever you want!
Send in the questions through a comment or a note, if you wanna be a lil' more personal and/or...
[ Continued ... ]
Hope everyone's doing okay. Posted 3 months ago
Everything is pretty nutty right now.
Hope you're all safe.
Take care!
Forgot to mention this here~ Posted 9 months ago
So, I mentioned this on DA, but I forgot to post this on my other pages.

I'm gonna try to focus on dark, horror-ish content for the month, in the spirit of Halloween!
Also gonna try and draw some sketches for Inktober, Drawtober and all the rest of them, even tho I ain't officially participating.

Okay, that's all!

Hope you all doing well!

Until the next!
My Art Posted 1 year ago
Just asking; What do you think of my art?
How do you think I could improve?
Gone for a few days. Posted 1 year ago
Sorry about that. I'm going out of town, so no art update this week.
I'll try and make up for it next week.
Ah. Well, shit. Posted 1 year ago
I accidentally deleted all my non-vore stuff from my gallery.
I mean, I still have back-ups on my hard-drive and the original drawings...but, I'm too lazy to re-post them.
I'll just make a new folder and post the new non-vore stuff there.
50 Watchers~ Posted 1 year ago
Well, I've been on here for a few months, and I just noticed I hit 50 watchers here!
So, just wanted to say thanks to y'all for watchin' me!!
I really appreciate it!!
I hope you stick with me in the future!!

If you're interested in seeing some of my other work, I'd recommend checking out my DeviantArt (https://sv-writer.deviantart.com/) or my Tumblr (https://sv-writer.tumblr.com/)
I only post my vore art here.
If you wanna see my other art, you gotta check out those pages!!

Thanks again!
Fresh Prey: Series Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone!!

This is my first blog and I'm not entirely sure how it works here... So, please take it easy on me, if I mess somethin' up! Thanks!!

So, as my watchers might have noticed; I just posted a sequel to one of my older pieces; Fresh Prey (https://aryion.com/g4/view/462131)
You can check out part 2 here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/471190

I'm quite happy with it, so lemme know what you think!!
And comment about how you think this should progress in the future!!