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Comissions officialy open for the first time! Posted 6 months ago
Hello, Saturnia here!

Thank you all for a new watcher milestone, and thanks for the continued support!
With these, and the comments of some people on it, I've decided to experiment with opening comissions, starting here in eka!

Together with this, I'll also be opening a request slot, and hope this journey can keep going and getting bigger!

If you'd like to know more, please visit my comission page:
https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... turniaBlue

Thanks again for your support! <3
Character creation? Posted 8 months ago
Oh, dear tinies and not so tinies. <3

I've been wondering if making characters would be worth it? I in particular don't tend to "roleplay" other much than as "myself", Saturnia in this case, when I'm not shifted into my other "shapes".

I'm fully aware that characters aren't just for roleplaying, but I still wonder if it would be worth trying, and I do wonder if people rather see OCs or characters from popular media?

I will soon probably open a form of requests, so keep an eye out if you're interested. <3

(I need to stop using so many quotation marks.)
Thanks for your messages! Posted 8 months ago
Thanks everyone for your messages and the heads-up about my animations!

I'm not entirely sure what happened with dropbox, but I have changed to onedrive for the time being. While it might not be the best, for now it'll work, meanwhile I

understand why Mega isn't showing the animation itself.

I'll still be working hard to make sure things work better in the future, and hope onedrive doesn't do the same.

Thanks again!
Lack of activity Posted 10 months ago
I apologize for not having shown around sine last week's monday.
I've been rather depressed over the fact that I still need to wait a couple of weeks before I can get my switch, but I think I'm already getting over it, have played Persona 3 and 4 to pass the while, and I think I should be ready to go back at drawing...

For now, I'd like to do something for my watchers and people of the page (and other pages) alike, to show that I do care about this and I just didn't stop out of not caring.

So at the moment I'll be giving two requests, with priority to watchers, so please just send me a message if you're interested, and around Monday I'll do a roulette first, and once that request is done, I'll do the next one, with possibility of a third one.

[ Continued ... ]