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Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the fox hole! Posted 2 months ago
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. I would like to thank everyone for their support and hope everyone is safe this year! Remember to reach out to some one special and take a few moments to just enjoy the moment. Be safe and be well!
Hello everyone! Update from the fox hole. Posted 3 months ago
Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not done an update in a while but life has been hectic. I hope that things find you well in these chaotic times. Good news on my end is that things are settling down a little bit on my end. The fox hole is about done and the last inspection is next week hopefully, crosses fingers this has been quite a work in progress. Been collecting some warhammer mins and was curious what others think about 9th ed? I have the new rules and so far it seems ok even if it nerfed a bit of my faction.

Art wise I have been doing a bit of art just its been mostly vore and peril. I have one non adult color I am working on, with that I also have chapter six of book two pretty much done just need to do some clean up. I do have a bondage work and lets...
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May update 2020 Posted 9 months ago
Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well and that everyone is being safe during the current covid issues. I wanted to get an update out and let everyone know I am still about and kicking. So the update. Our septic passed inspection meaning the last huge hurdle is over with the house. Our HVAC is in and done and water pressure test next week. After that its simply putting in the last bit of dry wall, counters, second coat of mud, paint, floors, then trim and last bits of the house. flomps. Thank you everyone for being patient with me. I know I have not made a lot of new material as of late and have been quiet but I am here and do plan on picking up more once this house is done and the fox can move into the new fox hole. We finally got approved to get an address. Ironically even with an...
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Homless soon, but not in a bad way. Posted 1 year ago
First I want to thank everyone for helping support me and my family through commissions, orders, and interaction. Without you guys I wouldn't be able to get this going!

I want to get a post out to update everyone on what all is going on. Some may notice that there has been a slow down in coms and posting this year and that's because my family and I are actually building a house to live in. We have been saving for over 15 years, little fox rattling a piggy bank about, and we finally this year pulled the trigger to start doing so. The issue is that there will be a month or two transition where were living out of a camper while its being built due to selling our other place.

This causes quite a kink in getting commissions done with everyone over my shoulder and also...
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Update! Good morning everyone Posted 1 year ago
Ditizens of the Dewperium. This vox cast publika has been designated omega priors.

Hey everyone, its been a bit sense my last journal. I know I'm horrible at keeping up on these but wanted to reach out and give an update. I have some vore works coming up, a comic page by Redd and another one by nomageddon. After that I may have a peril pic or two to add in. Wanted to thank the large groups that joined the discord server and maybe early next year I will be opening it up to join again.

I have chapter 3 and chapter 4 of the canon story drafted and just need to go through and do a quick edit and illustration of them before posting them. Hope to have chapter 3 posted this month if all goes well.

So how is everyone? I hope things have been going well. ...
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Update! Good morning everyone Posted 1 year ago

Been a while sense I put out a journal and should probably do more so.

I have been pretty busy this year with family health issues as well as a lot of rl stuff going on but I am still plodding along.

I have some peril works that I have done as well as some upcoming vore works. Hex has some comic pages that are being done as well as Angel.

I will be working on a new wood project and ill get pictures of the finished product to post here. If you have any interest in possibly wood commissions let me know!

I am working on a few tame works through out this month and next. I will be holding some votes that the fans will get to have a say in what it is. This will be announced through here and discord as well.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone from the fox hole! Posted 2 years ago
Happy thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday to those who are celebrating it. Now....get me out of this oven!
A thank you to everyone as well as update. All is well. Posted 2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the slow posting this month and its going to be slow for the next month too due to real life. We have a new wood shop going up and inspections and work on it has dragged me away from my drawing and stories. I will have some works coming up this month and next though. I will be working on two stories for Leshana with illustrations and also if you have not seen it I have released chapter one of book two for Sharue's canon story.

It is hard to believe that I have been doing this for over 14 years now, counting back in my VLC days. Back when I barley had 10 people that enjoyed my art to the now over 2k watches here on eka....
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Greetings everyone hope all is well. Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone, been travling a lot this year as well as more peril and normal work buyers through out the year so sorry for the slow posts. I do have an angel order as well as one from Kitteh and possibly a few others that I will be posting eventually.

Chapter 2 of book 2 is done draft wise and this week I will try to get chapter 1 of book 2 illustrated, Lesh ordered a peril hang story that takes place in 505 black as well that once illustrated I will be posting as well.

I will also be working on some non adult high color works through out the few months for the September fair time too. Hope to win some ribbons as last two years been a bust. They always say my works are to dark lol.

So sorry for the slow posts but I still hope people are enjoying the...
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Memorial Day update Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone,

I hope this finds everyone in good health. Its Memorial Day so please be safe but also at some point take a moment to think on the meaning of the day itself.

My knee is getting better and the clots are gone so this fox is back to trotting about and getting things done. Sorry for the slow updates but life has been pretty rough last six months.

To my vore fans, this month I will be opening specific slots just for vore if anyone has any interest. Send me a PM please but also peek at my ToS or poke me on my discord channel too.

I have Chapter 1 of book 2 on my story done and just trying to...
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