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Wowsers Posted 1 year ago
Looks like a lot of you guys are still hangin' around! And judging from my PM inbox, it looks like a proportionally large number of you are wondering about commissions ^^;.

Sad to say that I don't really take commissions as a general rule; I usually have far more ideas I'd like to draw than I have free time in which to draw them! For the same reason, I don't do requests and will only do art trades with close friends and associates.

That said, when I DO start taking commissions again, I'll definitely be making it known here at Eka's in addition to my other galleries, so keep an eye out!
Long time no see! Posted 1 year ago
Howdy gang!

Wow, it's... uh, it's been a bit since I last posted anything, huh? Sorry about that!

Originally, I intended to use my gallery here at Eka's as a place to post a lot of the older vore/non-vore pics that people ask me for, but I've actually built up (and somehow held on to????) a pretty big following over here, so I really should make a better effort to keep this place updated! Sorry for letting this gallery get so dead! Just uploaded a few of my recent vore-centric works; I'll most likely add some more in the very near future :D.

I've been much more active over on my Tumblr, but as you may...
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Still comin' back Posted 3 years ago
Well, spoke too soon- the day after I posted the last blog entry, work hit like a ton of bricks and I'm STILL dodging falling masonry! Gonna be a little bit longer; sit tight :D.
Fair Warning Posted 3 years ago
I'm comin' back

(Soon as I get a free minute)

(Prob. sometime this weekend)

(thanks for not un-following ^^;)
INCOMING UPDATE Posted 4 years ago
Howdy gang! Been a couple mintues, hasn't it :D ?

Sorry for pretty much vanishing for a year and a half or so! 2014 will probably go down in the books as my BUSIEST YEAR EVER, and since this whole drawing thing's something I do in my free time... well, hard to do anything with time you don't have. Things have eased up a LOT recently, I'm settled into a new position at work with MUCH more reasonable hours, and I'm full with a couple years' concepts that I'd REALLY like to get out of my head and onto the computer screen. Hopefully it won't be another 18 months before I post my next update!

Just tossed a few things up on the gallery! First up's...
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I Rite Better Than I Remembered! Posted 6 years ago
Well, shoot- not 24 hours after posting that last entry, I get a PM from Matanuiv, who had done a little bit of Internet Archaeology and dug up three of my old fanfics! I polished them up a bit, gave them a few necessary revisions to clear up spelling errors/clunky dialogue/continuity errors (i.e., the fact that I drew Princess Daisy in a frogtie for the Hungry Hungry Harem follow-up instead of just tying her legs together at the ankles and knees), and they're now in a new folder in my gallery for all to enjoy:


Thanks again, Mata!

I'm sure I have a couple more literary offenses floating around out there somewhere; if I find any...
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I RITE GUD? Posted 6 years ago
Hey again, everybody!

Wow, looks like you cats dug that latest picture! For my part, I was just glad to finally be able to get around to it- work's slowed down to a crawl lately, which has given me the chance to get back to the drawing board, and man, I've been making up for lost time! Nothing really relevant to this site's interests yet, but stay tuned- planning on starting something this weekend that y'all might enjoy ;).

In the meantime, I thought I'd take this chance to answer a question I've gotten in several dozen PMs and comments! Seriously, I must get this question at least once a week:

Do you still have the fanfics you wrote to accompany some of your...
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Activity? HERE?! Posted 7 years ago
Strange but true!

Stranger still, I'm actually sketching a few things these days, including stuff that I think you guys might like. I've got one sketch in particular I'm fairly pleased with, but before I get too much further in it, I'd like to conduct a quick, informal poll!

(Never done this before; bear with me if it doesn't show up correctly ^^;)

EDIT: Okay! Looks like it shows up if you click the title of the entry. Poll's up for a week- help a brother out :D!
Howdy, Eka's Portal! Posted 7 years ago
Nice to meet y'all! My name's Shax, and I've been a long-time lurker over here for a few years, now. A few of you might know me better as Ayvuir-Blue from over at DeviantArt- that weird guy with a thing for Princess Peach and Princess Daisy who randomly closed his gallery down a year or so ago!

Let's see, what can I tell you... I've been at this drawing thing for an extremely-sporadic couple of decades, usually sketching when I have a little time and I'm not completely exhausted from work. It happens fairly rarely, but I try to make the best of it when it does! As far as the interests of the users of this site go, I'm a fan of damsels in distress- accent on the "distress" part, and the more perilous, the better! My favorite subjects are, quite obviously, the...
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