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Day 3 poll almost over Posted 4 years ago
There is still time to cast your votes in this poll:

Please, help my navel vore request win! :)
Day 3 Poll Posted 4 years ago
The Day 3 poll is open!

Please vote for my navel vore request. :)
Poll Assistance Posted 4 years ago
To all my fellow navel vore lovers out there, please vote for my navel vore request in this poll: It's the one with Zero Suit Samus and Female Wii Fit Trainer.
My Birthday Posted 4 years ago
My birthday is today. Happy Birthday to me. :)
For Everyone That Asks Posted 4 years ago
I don't draw pictures
I don't write stories
Everything I upload here was drawn for me by other people
Please don't ask me if I take requests for pictures or stories

That is all.