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Shit day. Posted 9 months ago
When ever you have had just a really, really, really bad day what do you do? My day has been complitely shit to day so i want to hear what people do when they have a shit day.
Happy Birthday for me (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago
January the 18th and now i am on year older (^. .^) birthdays are alweays the best since it can let you get older and older and is the day you where born and came out of maybe a egg or a womens body or where ever you came out of~ so now its my birthday so hurray for me i gues~
Merry Christmas (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it to day, but if you celebrate it the next day then merry early Christmas to you (^. .^) i always love this time of the year and hope every one els love this special time of the year to (^. .^) i hope every one have something tasty to eat and alot of fun when they open there presents and get what they hopet they get~ (^. .^) agen merry christmas from the nice pred dragon: Sky Draconico~ (^. .^)