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UGH Posted 5 years ago
My boss is apparently pissed that I'm quitting and moving out of the area, because he has given me lots of crappy shifts before I leave. I have three days of work left and they're all closing shifts! Meaning I do't finish work until 2 am :<

Reeeeeeeeally putting a dent in my work. Not happy with him at all.
Upgrading issues! Posted 5 years ago

Had a few issues upgrading to windows 10, nothing I couldn't fix. I'm just in the process of sorting through my software and installing everything etc.

Will be getting back to arting soon! (Wanna make sure everythings working before I start!)

Pay what you want sketch / colour sketch ! Posted 5 years ago
Ok soooo I've not been very active on here, that's for sure. But It's not like I haven't been practising my art! (I have!). None of it was very vore related though so I felt bad about posting it here. If you want it's over here on furry network!

Again I'm sorry for such long absences. I do still come on here to check other peoples awesome art out I'm just super bad about being active >_<

I'm gonna try to post more, even if it's just blog entrys, but I'm defiantly gonna start uploading more vore works~

I realised that setting prices for my art was a...
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OK I'M ALIVE Posted 6 years ago
And so on and so forth

Ok so I'm much better now. My friend is A-ok and I don't have to support htem anymore! (They got a job and such and they finally got paid!)

So I don't need to take commissions for them any more! However this doesn't mean I'm Donna stop taking commissions. In fact I'm going to keep taking them (So I can buy shiny things yesssssssss) as well as hopefully doling out the sketches
for the ones I have already (So sorry abotu the lateness) and fill in that YCH!

Sooo I was wondering, who'd be up for a stream? Would there be any point in doing one?

Lemem know!
I'm pretty fucked up Posted 6 years ago
I had a pretty bad anxiety moment today after I heard from my friend who's rent I've been helping to pay. The person I've been taking commissions to raise money for etc.
she told me some stuff that didn't add up today and I freaked out.

I don't care if she turns out to be someone scamming me for money. The money it's self isn't what I'm worried about. No the problem lies in me being hurt again. I really couldn't handle it. I really like her she makes me smile. But I've never heard her voice, I've never skyped her at all.

My hands are shaking somewhat I can't draw, I have commissions to do and I can't because I'm pretty fucked up right now. Shit even if my hands wern't shaking I couldn't draw anyway I feel so sick. Why does my brain hate me? Why can't I...
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Art block and heatwawve Posted 6 years ago
So, I am still alive but I've been going through depression and art block, as well as working a heck of a lot so finding motivation to draw is hard. I could force myself to draw but drawing without proper motivation results in a really crappy drawing and i'm not going to give that to anyone who is paying for me to draw them things.

However, I have tomorrow off and I've gotten most of my housework done! So I SHOuLD be doling out commission sketches to those who've placed orders with me :D

I am so sorry about the delays. This is why I don't take payment until I've finished and had a sketch approved!

Again, I'm sorry about the wait. I'll be trying to get...
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Commission status and Appologies Posted 6 years ago
OK! It's a good thing I don't charge for commissions until I've done the sketch haha (Unless you GET a sketch but whatever)

I'm so sorry to the people who I have talked to about commissions and STILL HAVEN'T DONE THEM.

Works been hell, and hela busy and any free time I get is usually spent sleeping. and Despite all the working i've been doing. I'm still fucking broke.
I've been helping a friend pay their rent the last couple months, they got a job now so I shouldn't be needed anymore. But I have 0 monies until the 18th.

So that said I'm gonna be doing the commissions I've got lined up, one definate one potential, then I will hopefully be able to take some more.

I'm sorry I've not been around much but I don't have much of a...
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Art block and exaustion Posted 6 years ago
I'm sorry for not posting / getting commission sketches done. I've been put on opening shifts every day this week, which means I'm up 4AM and I'm in until 2pm

This basically means I've had no time or energy to art lately, and when I DO have the energy I can't seem to draw ANYTHING.

I'm incredibly frustrated. I am so sorry for not getting anything done.
Huzzah free time! Posted 6 years ago
Finally some time to work on commissions! :D
Cheap sketch Commissions! Posted 6 years ago
I'm trying to raise some money to help out a friend. I'd like to raise as close to $700 as I can with a multitude of these cheap sketches!
Now I'm not expecting to MAKE $700 but every little helps!

There's two types! The "Your character here" sketch commissions, which are $5. The original vore scene with one character and one pred sketch for $10! Either can have colour added for $2 dollars!
These are the cheap commissions I am offering! If you're after something more We can work something our I'm sure! But I figured these cheap ones would be something people would be interested in!

Commissions can be streamed upon request, if I get enough of 'em I'll do a multi-commission stream! ...
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