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New Commissions On Hold/Closed Posted 7 months ago
Not accepting new commission request emails at this time.

I will follow up with those who have already emailed me (as of this post) and are in talks to lock in the last few commissions
SpokleArt Support and Donations! Posted 1 year ago

Hello all! Just a quick shout out to let everyone know if you like what I do and would like to help support me being able make art (as-is currently my sole form of income) you can!

There is always my Patreon which can also be found linked to near each piece uploaded, but if you'd rather contribute outside of Patreon for whatever reason, I also accept Paypal and Ko-Fi donations! ...
[ Continued ... ]
Comms On Hold Posted 1 year ago
Putting a hold on new requests. I've got a few more emails than slots, but the ones I received came in quick and I'll follow up with all allowing them a spot should we agree on the commission.

Again, if you got an email to me by the time this message is posted, I'll respond.