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Taking a little break. Posted 3 weeks ago
Working in a hospital can be rewarding but right now it’s more of a curse than a blessing. Fever, cough, feeling like shit. Going to avoid using my drawing tools during this time and take a week or so to get better.
Ms. 'Lastic in Heat Posted 2 years ago

"You shouldn't of left me alone..."
First Meal Posted 2 years ago

Ms. Lastic enjoying her first meal.
Constant, the Hunger Hunter Posted 2 years ago

Constant, the Hunger Hunter:

Hunter Gales (Constant) is a childhood friend of Sophie’s (Ms. Lastic) who simultaneously gained abilities with her. While Sophie can stretch, Hunter gained invincibility to pretty much anything. He now works tirelessly to find Sophie what she needs to quell her growing desires.
Introducing Ms. Lastic! Posted 2 years ago