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Fatfic Dump Posted 6 months ago
Hello again!

I've been pretty inactive here for several months, and I apologize for that, but it doesn't mean I haven't been writing *anything*. Between planning troubles for all my various series, I've cranked out a number of fat and weight gain shorts for the VTuber Architecture General on /vt/, and more recently, I've gotten into them enough to do a couple longform fics. I think their quality generally isn't quite up to my usual standard since they were mostly for impulsive fun, and none of them are vore-focused, but I figured I probably ought to still share.

The masterpost (including a few other anons' works and itself linking to various paste sites) is located on imgur as follows:

I was originally planning to...
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The Next Step Posted 1 year ago
Hey, my PC finally came back from repairs! Woo! That means two big things:

One, I can finally stop writing in fucking Google Docs, which is good for morale.
Two, I now have access to Terraria again, which is not.

Well, last time the stretch of no uploads only occurred because the addiction compounded with both a nasty case of writing block and an awfully time-consuming project, and I currently feel pretty damn confident in my ability to finish off Kaguya, so hopefully I'll get there soon enough, if a little more slowly than I would without the constant temptation of digging Hellevators.

This brings me to a big question: what should I do next?

I've had several ideas on the backburner for a while now about what to follow up...
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