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New Animation <3 Posted 5 days ago
Heya! Take a look at my latest Vore Animation:
Layla devours Lola and transforms into a hot Futa <3

Get the HighRes Animation and 30 Patreon excluve cherry-pick shots here:
Vore poll Posted 3 weeks ago
A short vore poll about my content:
City Snack Time ASMR Video Posted 1 month ago
2:45 of animated Vore ASMR is now available on Patreon:

Your support means a lot to me <3
Are you active? <3 Posted 1 month ago
Discord server:




Commission form:

Thank you <3
New Vore Animation Posted 1 month ago
New Vore Animation is now available on my Patreon!

Free GIF:

Your support means a lot to me <3
Happy Vore Day <3 Posted 1 month ago
Happy Vore Day!

Today our community is celebrating marunomi no hi 丸呑みの日 or better known as Vore Day!
For this special day, I'll host a live event, celebrate and share some art with you^^

Get some Vore day art:

Explore my latest comics:
Come here:
Yummy afternoon:
Heat me up:

Watch my latest animation:

I would very appreciate if you support me on Patreon.

Have a nice day!
Vore Day Posted 1 month ago
Hey everybody,
on August 8, our community is celebrating marunomi no hi 丸呑みの日 or better known as Vore Day!
My Vore Day art (WIP):

I appreciate your support a lot!

Have a nice day!
Vore Posted 2 months ago
Hey everybody,

It's been five months since I came across Vore. I want to thank my community, Discord moderators, and all Patreon supporters who share their time, talents, and gifts to show their appreciation for my work.
Although words cannot express how appreciative I am of the outpouring of kindness and support you give me every day! I greatly appreciate all forms of support I receive... from encouraging words, watches, favorites, and donations. All of these contribute significantly to my artistic practice and well-being as an artist.

Thank you, it means a lot to me!
Commission slot available! Posted 2 months ago
One slot available^^
Discord Server Posted 2 months ago
Hello everybody,
My discord server was nuked by some trolls and all my members got banned.
My moderators are working on the situation and trying to invite as many people back as possible.
I'm sorry this happened to my community...