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bump Posted 4 months ago
just a bump
i don't like being constantly reminded of ancient drama
Countless apologies Old wounds. Posted 5 months ago
I'm not going to pretend the person I was back in 2017 was a good person.

I'm not going to pretend the person I was did good things.

I've taken my strides to change since then.

I've made my attempts to make amends for what I've done.

I've done everything I'm physically and mentally able.

If you're the kind of person who is unable to accept that change has happened,
if you're the kind of person who chooses to wallow in the past and pretend as if things are still the way they were

That's not my fault. I have no control over that, nor will I make the attempt to seek that control.
I'm pretty sure that was one of many massive issues with me to begin with.
I'm done with that.
I've been done with...
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FA's Clarification among other things Posted 6 months ago
I'm surprised I didn't say anything about it here. lol

Looking at the clarification, literally nothing has changed.
Like nothing at all.
People are freaking out about the vore and pregnancy thing, but that's literally nothing new.
That's ALWAYS been a thing. If you asked the mods in a report, that would have told you.

What was actually changed was how the mods are meant to internally treat the Pokemon/Digimon rule.

Original the rule was created to allow people to have 30 year old Pichus and 10 year old Ursarings.
as they say "Pokemon/Digimon forms are separate from their age."
Makes enough sense.

The problem didn't come from people taking advantage of this rule. No one...
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FA's Internal Policy Update. Posted 6 months ago
I don't even make adult content anymore and the vagueness of the rule changes there has me heated.

I would suggest going into the Discord to discuss it,
but they are actively shutting people up who want to talk about it, because they locked the comments on the update journal,
are encouraging harassment of anyone coming in to discuss it,
and then directing people to discuss it in a channel, that no one can comment on because they locked it.
THEN they literally said they aren't going to allow it anymore because it's an 18+ topic, and the Discord is supposed to be all ages.
Well holy fucking shit, if only they kept up with the original rule of FA being 17+ only, and banning minors on sight until they were 18.

holy fucking shit. I am...
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Vore Stuff and the community Posted 9 months ago
...I'm just happy that people in this particular community are more open towards folks who enjoy for nonsexual reasons.

...These days it seems there's been a large rise in people who don't know how to mind their own business, and among them
those that choose to say the things they like can only be enjoyed the same way they themselves enjoy them,
and to them, anyone that doesn't follow their house rules is making art for people they don't like.

...Tbh, I only see this coming from new people in the furry side of things.
I rarely ever see this coming from anyone in the human side of things.
Which is the reason I've been posting here more often than usual.
My original reason for starting here was because of the support of for MP4...
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Happy New Year! Posted 11 months ago
What a decent reason to bump the last folder! :3

I don't have anything special to say. XD

Happy New Year!!
BUMP and Donations? 6w6 Posted 1 year ago
I just got tired of looking at the last blog post,
If anything it's a nice excuse to plug a beg for donations. lol

If'n you don't care about your money and want to support me in anyway, I have a Ko-Fi or donations~

I also have a Patreon:
BUT I do have to beg you to understand that it's not really to get anything exclusive as with support,
it really helps me just have the little time to post literally anything at all.
The only exclusive thing that you get is with the 20$ tier, which is literally just my monochrome commission price,
so you get a monochrome sketch once a month.
If you're well acquainted with how slow I can be, it can be weeks to months...
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More Observations Posted 1 year ago
__I'm not usually one to follow trends of popularity for attention and such, but knowing the demographic here, I couldn't help but test the waters for a little bit.
__It should be pretty obvious I'm primarily a furry/anthro artist, but Eka's has always been more of a human centric art gallery. I can't help but notice the few humans I've posted actually BLOW up in attention and faves much quicker than my other posts. It's really funny. lol
__Like I said, I'm not one to follow trends for popularity, so this doesn't mean I'll be drawing more anime girls in the future, it's just an observation I wanted to make.
If anything, it's really given me a little boost in confidence in my skills at drawing humans. I've never been too keen on drawing them myself, despite actually quite...
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Give me your money Posted 1 year ago
This is a stickup
Put the money in the donation link

I don't like begging for donations,
so this is me trying to be funny,
but for real,
like, despite me hating money, I need it.

Thank you if you do send anything, I really appreciate it.
Emoji Test Posted 1 year ago
I just wanted to see how many emojis from the "emoji keyboard" will work here.
I had assumed anything that existed in Mario Paint would work here, but I feel like the text input might actually be older than that. lol
I saved the eyestrain of the raw input I had here and cut all of the ones that DONT work out.


There you have it. That's all the ones that work. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Well over 300 someought emojis and like, this is it. lol
I thought at least the entire Mario Paint stamp set would work, but barely...
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