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Non-Vore Art. Posted 6 months ago
Would anybody be interested in me posting the non-vore art of my characters I’ve commissioned over the years?

This is mainly a Vore site so I wanna see if there is an audience for that kinda thing. If so please let me know below. :)

(Edit)- Ok it seems like there is some solid interest so expect some non-vore posts this weekend.
Need help deciding future comms. Posted 1 year ago
So I have 2 ideas for my characters going forward and I’m hoping you lovely people will help a bunny out!

The first idea is their “first time” scenarios, pics with stories that show the first time my preds ever ate someone and their reaction to said event.

The second idea is “date night” scenarios, pics with POV stories where you see the perspective of a prey who dates and is eaten by my preds. Willing or unwilling will be determined by the pred i.e. Gaige would most likely eat her date if they were Willing where as Ellana only eats unwilling prey etc.

Feel free to comment down below at to which one you would choose and why, or if you have your own ideas to share I would love to hear those as well!