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No story today, very busy! Posted 2 weeks ago
No story today; I have a very busy time ahead of me and don't have time to post unfortunately!

In better news, though I am still dealing with the emergency, things are looking up. More here:

See you tomorrow!
Charity Drive Open! Donate & Get A Story! Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm running a charity drive right now for a buddy of mine who needs help. Go give to their PayPal, and you'll give a story at a discounted rate!

Donate $10 for 200 words!
Donate $50 for 1100 words!
Donate $100 for 2250 words!
Donate $500 for an interactive story of OVER 9000--I mean, UP TO 9000 words. X3

This drive will end on 9/13/21, a week from now.

You can read more info here:

Can't donate? Sharing also help:

Thank you!
September Commissions Open! Only 3 Slots! Posted 2 weeks ago
Hello everybody!

My commissions are open for September: The discounts this month are "Giants" and "Autumn".

I have not one, but TWO new jobs starting this month, so since I'm going to be busier than usual, I've only opened 3 slots for right now. As things level out, I may open more, but we'll see.

Thank you, and have a great day! I look forward to writing for you! C:

(P.S. I am still dealing with the emergency. Any kind words are appreciated right now. Maybe send me pics of your sona being cute?)
Do you use Ko-Fi's Subscriber Model? Asking For A Friend. Posted 3 weeks ago
A new writer I'm mentoring is looking into offering services via Ko-Fi's subscriber model, so I wanted to ask my follower base if they've ever used it! If you offer or have bought services via this model, comment and and let me know your experience! You'll really be helping out someone who's trying to get involved in the community.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
No story today; I don't have the time or energy to post. Posted 3 weeks ago
If you've been following my patron you know I've been dealing with an emergency. Due to that & today being a full day, I won't be posting a story. Well wishes and kind words are super appreciated right now.
A friend needs help! Support if you can! Posted 3 weeks ago
A friend of mine is struggling with finances and needs help! They "had been saddled with plenty of debt during the pandemic and quarantine". Please donate if you can!
Writing Mentorship? Please share your thoughts! Posted 1 month ago
Hey everyone!

Someone I know and love is doing mentorship stuff right now, and they've really inspired me. I'm thinking about trying to pursue a similar thing w/ my TastyAce account, seeing if other furry writers want advice and helping where I've can.

I've already done so privately a few times since I've had some folks reach out to me in the past, but it's something I'm thinking of doing more often. It would mainly consist of answering questions from writers who are interested in starting in the furry community, perhaps doing a video/audio call as well, and helping them as they start to grow their audience.

What do you all think? Are any of you interested in that sort of thing?

Please let me know!

Update: Poll on Twitter:...
[ Continued ... ]
SIX Writing Slots Left for August! Posted 1 month ago
Get one while you can! :O

100 words for $7
500 words for $30
1000 word for $40

Read more about my prices & info here:
Only a few slots left for August! Get one while you can! Posted 1 month ago
My slots are running out--only seven left! Get one while you can!

Read my commission info here:
August's Commissions Open! Posted 1 month ago
My writing commissions are open for this month! :D I'm ready to write! <3

This month's discounts are Music and Technology. So get a story with those, and get up to 20% off!

I look forward to hearing from you!

More info: