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How's My Posting? Posted 8 months ago
I've been using Postybirb lately to try to get my Eka's closer to my FA. I'm going to put everything from that gallery here, but I wanted to bring over some of my favourites from 2020. I've also got it set up so from this point on whatever I upload to FurAffinity I should also be uploading here.

Anyways, hope I'm not spamming or anything. ^^;
So Far Behind! Posted 9 months ago
AAAAAA... I haven't uploaded anything to Eka's in so long, I've got a bunch of content on FurAffinity I haven't found the time to put here. I'm sort of debating whether to put it all up in one go as an art dump or space it out, but hopefully I should be able to migrate some of my content from there over to here soon. This account isn't dead, it's just pining for the fjords!
New Years Journal 2017 Posted 3 years ago
Hey everyone!

So, wow. Lot of stuff happening this year in my real life and online life. Friends have come and gone, I've had some wonderful experiences and some crushing ones. I've continued to hone my writing skills and delved into other areas too. All in all it's been a pretty good year as far as things go.

At the start of the year I set myself some goals, here's how I think I did on them.

Regular Content:
Oof, fail. I think I was doing okay at the start but... yeah, didn't quite get this one.

Open for Commissions:
I did indeed! I've got a spiffy new Commissions folder which has all the commissions I've taken so far in it, and I'm looking forward to opening for commissions again soon in the future.
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Story raffle on FurAffinity! Posted 4 years ago
Hello everyone :D

I'm nearing my 2nd year anniversary since I started writing as TastyTales on FA. I'm celebrating with a story raffle.

if you've got a FurAffinity account, feel free to leave a comment and I'll give you a number. The prize will be announced on Feb 6th!
Story Raffle on FurAffinity! Posted 5 years ago
Hello everyone :3

I've recently reached 20000 pageviews on FurAffinity and am holding a story raffle there. The ones who are selected will get a 2000-4000 word story from me.

Please go here to sign up, you'll need an FA account to do so!

Thanks, and best of luck :D
Happy Vore Day! Posted 5 years ago
That's right, it's 8/8, which is vore day over on PixIv (get it? 8/8? 'ate ate'?)

Unfortunately things have been kind of bleh here lately so I haven't had a chance to prepare anything to celebrate it with, which is a shame because it's also international cat day and I'm sure Cyn, Malus and Rose are all celebrating (I myself have been listening to the Cure's 'The Lovecats' all day and have decided it's Malus and Cyn's relationship song).

So, if you're celebrating have a happy vore day, or have a happy cat day. Either way, it's good to have things to be happy about. From all us here in Clearspring, go eat or be eaten by some cats :3
Reviver Seeds; How do they work? [Lore] Posted 6 years ago
Hello everyone, Dr Leaf here to tell you all about Reviver seeds.

Since the dawn of Pokemon, we've been using Reviver seeds to avoid the grimmer parts of life out here in the wild. Whether it's adventuring or just staying alive, Reviver seeds have always been there to protect us. If a Pokemon is defeated while holding a seed, they are engulfed in a flash of light and remerge a little weak, but otherwise alive and ready to continue.

But how do they work exactly? Well, when a Pokemon expires their soul is released for their body, some Pokemon become ghost types while others just move on entirely, what's important is that their body is left behind.

However, Reviver seeds have an energy that draws the soul into it when it leaves the body, then nurtures it...
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Hello world Posted 6 years ago
Hey everyone, just realized this was here and I should probably be using it...

So, as you can probably tell by now I mostly do pokemon soft vore, though I have been trying to broaden my horizons by going outside of the pokemon world, as well as trying alternate types of vore and post vore scat content.

Also, I just noticed I have over 10,000 profile views. I'm sorry I have nothing to upload to celebrate o.o

Maybe next time. Thanks for all the favourites, watches and views, and I hope I can continue to produce good content for you all. ^^