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Birthday time Posted 2 weeks ago
Yep, it's my birthday again today. :D
A sad day. Posted 3 months ago
I won't be able to reply to any messages soon... my grandma has just passed away.
Birthday man Posted 1 year ago
It's today my birthday again, November 18. :)

Still a bit sober because of the certain pandemic, but that won't stop me from celebrating. :D
Birthday Posted 2 years ago
Yep, it's my birthday again today, November 18, 2020.

While I admit the celebrations will be much more sober because of a certain pandemic going around, I'm still in a celebrating mood.

Anyway, take care, and stay safe everyone.
Request (if someone's interested) Posted 12 years ago
I hope somebody is interested in doing this for me:

I'd like to see a picture where my OC's Tempest and Xeno are making love (or having sex, whatever you want to call the act of sexual intercourse) while being deep inside a snake/naga or a plant pod/plant girl. Any other predator is okay with me too. Seeing my OC's trapped inside a spider web with a spider or drider approaching is also fine with me, as long as my OC's are together.

Here are a few pictures of how my Tempest and Xeno look like: ... -123144807
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New character again? Posted 13 years ago
Thanks to a story from a fellow DeviantArtist I requested, I got a new character, which comes in two versions!

In both cases, her name is Brachi, and she is 'born' from a massive fusion:
Version 1: All the major Dragonball Z Characters and their families
Version 2: All the major Dragonball Z Characters, their families and several characters from video games I like as well as my own OC's Tempest and Xeno.

In case of the first version of Brachi, here are the stories that I requested, having a special saga in mind:
1. DBZ: Massive Fusion (the birth of Brachi)
2. Brachi vs....
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New Character Posted 13 years ago
During a Role Play session, I actually managed to come up with a new character:

Sayuri is a teenage girl, hailing from the realm of Edenia (for those who know little about Mortal Kombat, she is from the realm Princess Kitana is from). During her childhood, she had been abducted by Shao Kahn's forces to be experimented on; since Shao Kahn wanted to conquer the other realms by all means necessary, he decided to try out new ways to gain the upper hand on his foes. Sayuri did undergo some experiments, until she mustered enough courage and energy to break free from her prison and fled. She still retains her abilities to this very day. One of the experiments done was to enhance her internal organs, mainly the digestive tract. This was done to find out if such an...
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Request Posted 13 years ago
Since I have little to no time to draw myself, I was wondering if any of you fellow members would like to help me. I have some situation in mind that I'd love to see that in a drawing, hence my request. Feel free to pick one of your choice, and PM me the result. Between brackets is a certain requirement I'd like to have in it though, but with what I have seen so far in the gallery, I'm sure anyone of you loves a challenge... ;)

What I'd like to see:
- A mini comic where Cell (first form) absorbs Gohan and Videl using his tail. (Akira Toriyama style is preferred, but similar styles are okay to me. You know I want them to be sucked up like Cell did to the Androids, and Gohan and Videl have to...
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Interests Posted 13 years ago
I wonder who else is interested in what I like regarding vore. Personally I'm fond of seeing couples being eaten by someone; I like a bit of romance as if the boy is allowed to have some final moments with his girlfriend before they both will pass out... I have seen/read some instances of it, but I am curious for more. I even requested some art like that involving my characters... I've grown quite fond of Tempest and Xeno myself, and I love to see them in the same situation together. Hopefully someone will fulfill my current and (possible) future request(s). Then that person will certainly have a new forum friend to talk to. :D
Drawing... Posted 13 years ago

I wish I could draw some things I'd like to see regarding vore, but since I have little time, especially with my job during the week, I have little time to do so... It's as if I have lost my touch of drawing, focusing more on my job, animation serial, and Role Plays I really enjoy to no end. This is only a personal rant for myself... I really should get the hang of drawing anime characters... it could help me a lot... :(