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The good sins are back! Posted 1 year ago
Hello hello! Welcome to this Autumn revival of TheGoodSinner's Page! We're back and better than ever with Weekly Livestreams hosted on Picarto with Requests on Tuesday mornings, and Commissions on fridays! up to 3 off-stream commission slots open weekly, with priority going to Patreon subscribers.

It's a beautiful turn of the seasons.

-Keep your sins luscious
Happy new year and Commision status Posted 4 years ago
Winter has thrown it's worst at me, and i have come out toasty and contented! now witht eh dawning of 2018, i have repaired all of the problems that have kept me away from teh community, COmissions are OPEN! 2018 will hold alot more content from yours truly, including several comics, a collaboration of epic proportions, and more!

Keep those sins luscious!
COmissions closing, and Going into Winter Boldly Posted 4 years ago
WEll folks, it's been a rough season for me. Unpredictable living situation has me backed up into a corner, so I've regrettably got to take a break from drawings/requests/commissions/gifts/trades/ and all things involving making images. As for the comissions i already have out that are incomplete, I do intend to finish them as time allows, but going into winter i wont have access to the proper resources. FEAR NOT! i shall return!... once Life stops kicking my ass.
IRony is a feeling best servd NEVER Posted 4 years ago
Considering the sow nature of my posts this summer, it should come as no spurise to my faithful watchers that things haven't been going so good for Dear Sinner. Yesterday I came down with a rather bad stomach ache, and my insides have been roiling ever since. no insurance, no money in savings, means i've got to rely on as cheap of healthcare as i can muster, which means im going to be completely out of comission until further notice, which is hopefully only till wednesday! ANd incase you dont get the irony of a vorish artist having severe digestive problems (hopefuly not ulcers) Than i hope this past sentence explained it. XD
A lovely Winter This Spring Posted 4 years ago
Well, Here i sit in the basement livingroom upon the same couch that has been my bed for almost 2 months now. out of the Kindness of their hearts, a married couple(friends of mine, both) Have let me and my wife stay with them until we get back on our feet ( which has taken up most ALL of my time @[email protected]) However, this isnt a Blog post about porr-poor me. On the contrary, in fact! My new job has been treating me pretty damn good, and they havn't asked me to pay rent at this place we are staying WHICH MEANS I CAN SAVE MY PAYCHECKS FOR A FIRST/LAST months rent at an apartment soon! Huzzah!!!!

In the meantime, I've tried to do a few livestreams and throw down a little content here and there. You can expect the same erratic and infrequent behavior from me for the next few months, But...
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Winters last few suprises. Posted 4 years ago
As a Few of my most loyal watchers will note, I haven't put anythign out in awhile. This isn't because Im Done, or intentionally on haiaitus or anything. THeres been Alot of unexpected troubles at Home. I Live In the countryside and mostly Have to do all my own repairs and veterinary for my animals. So between taking care of goats nearly killed by dogs, replacing plumbing thats gone bad in the house, and the recent death of a very close family member, 2017 hasn't been very good to ole' Sinner. On a more happy Note, I'm pleased to Announce the cryptic comic situation i have undertaken with a pillar of the unbirthing COmmunity. This Comic of as-yet undefined Length and Content will have its first few full color pages out to the public as a teaser(and incentive) for you to Buy the whole...
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Livestream schedule update, late november Posted 5 years ago
Livestream Times for

Sometimes I still throw on teh livestream even out of the times listed, but unless it's between these hours, I'm probably not doing requests. ^_^just so ya all know.

28Monday- None
29Tuesday-1pm to 6pm Request stream
30Wednesday- None
01thursday- 3pm to 6pm
02friday- TBA
03Saturday- TBA

Keep you're sins luscious my friends!
Livestream Schedule: Thanksgiving week Posted 5 years ago
This week's livestream Schedule for Request streams is as follows.

All times are in Mountain Standard time.
Monday- 6pm-9pm
tuesday- 4pm-6pm
wednesday- To Be Announced
thursday- none, Thanksgiving.
Friday- 5pm-8pm
Saturday- TBA

I usually start with a warmup pic of my choice, and then take requests.
Upgrades and Streams and comic things Posted 5 years ago
It's been a long road to new equipment and a schedule that allows me to balance my work and my work here, But we've finally made it! Starting tuesday i'll have at least two livestreams a week, AND... I'll be starting a weekly updated comic staring some of my favorite Oc's!

Keep your sins luscious!
Livestreams, halloween, and fallen leaves. Posted 5 years ago
In the past few weeks, i've been trying to find the pen for my intuous penpad run on my monsterous gaming computer and its direct connected fiber optics internet access. However, instead im on a 6 year old laptop with a Vistablet they dont even MAKE anymore trying to do my comics and such. So todays attempt at a livestream through my Picarto made it painfully obvious this old laptop can't handle livestreaming anymore. I apologize to everyone who watched and was disappointed at what happened today, But fear not! after halloween i will have new equipment, new projects, and more frequent content coming!

Keep your sins' luscious!