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I need a break... Posted 4 months ago
Hello everyone! this post is more than anything a small update.
Well, I know that I have not been very active in the forum, and thanks to the school I have been busier than usual, a semester online is not easy ...
For this same reason I would like to take a break from drawing, well not exactly,drawing vore,so that I can take advantage of it and "polish" my technique by drawing other things that I may post here.
Unfortunately I can't really say when I'll be back, maybe in a couple of months as my next semester starts right after it's over, so I won't have any free time ... I appreciate your understanding, on the other hand I may be working on a couple of pending projects at this time. (I don't want to have any illusions but a possible "playing with mom"...
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Back to commissions :D Posted 11 months ago
Hello everyone! I hope you are very well, as you have seen, in these days I have had a little more free time and that is that my school period has ended and I'm on vacation now, so I can make drawings in a more "continuous" way, however I wanted a little time to practice some things, from there came my last 3 drawings.
However, now I can continue with the commissions, some of you, at the time they asked me when I would return, if you are still interested you can send me a PM or contact me by Discord (The Lazy Wizard#8890).
At the moment, I plan to open 5 slots, so try to keep an eye on my commissions status. Well, without further ado, see you all. :D
Auction of Drawings! Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone! As you know, the different countries affected by the new COVID-19 have taken quarantine measures, and unfortunately I am in one of those countries ... Fortunately I am well and with some free time, that is why I have decided to temporarily open the commissions with the following conditions and advantages; The drawings must be simple, no more than two characters per drawing (in the case of having an internal view), and they will be in black and white, without sequences, that is, a single image. So this will cause them to be extremely cheap, 15 dollars per drawing (or less, depending on this).
If you are interested you can send me a PM or by discord. If you are waiting for a more laborious commission, I am sorry but I will have to postpone it still, because I do not know...
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Remaking a Drawing! Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone! I am planning to redo a drawing to compare my progress and I would like to know which one would be better, what do you say? Among my options are:

•"Size does matter";

•"Get my sister out!";

•"You can join your friends";


The winner was "Get my sister out" and you can watch the drawing here:
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Some Notices Posted 1 year ago
Status of commissions:
Well, as some of you will already know, I already have a little more free time to draw drawings and this means that I also have time to make commissions, if there are any interested parties, you can send me PM.

2-year event at Eka's:
As you know, it has been almost two years since I uploaded my first drawing here and I would like to plan some things, maybe a "questions and answers" or something I was thinking about is doing a YCH and through some questions related to drawings that I have made, the first people to answer could win a slot, so tell me if you like the idea XD
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm back!! (reopening commissions) Posted 1 year ago
YEY! today I finished my last exam and I'm on vacation, so I'll be doing commissions and deals again! thank you all for waiting patiently,
I already missed resting hehehe.
And you know, if you want to make a commission, send me a PM and we'll see what to do! :D
Back to School Posted 2 years ago
Well, as some of you know, this time I was doing commissions and being more active in the portal, it's because I was on vacation, but for better or worse, next week I go back to school, and maybe some of you already know what that means. ...

With that I mean less activity, I will not be able to upload drawings so often and I will have to suspend the commissions, it was an interesting experience and very rewarding, but I will not be able to continue giving quality works if I do not focus 100% on what I do , I hope you understand and thanks everyone for the support.

Without more to say, see you soon :D
Continuing with commissions!! Posted 2 years ago
Well, apparently everything went well! so I'll be doing commissions, but I'll keep only one slot this week to continue with the test, so, last time, whoever is interested in a commission, can send me a PM and if the slot has not been occupied with pleasure I will accept the commission ;D
Opening Commission! Posted 2 years ago
Hi all! First of all, Happy New Year !! even that a bit early hehehe
As you know, during this time, I have only come to make some requests for people, but I think it is time to move forward and start with the commissions, with this, I seek to have better motivation to continue improving my drawings (I hope you understand). So, I'm just opening a slot, the reason is that I want to do a proof of payment, so the first person who wants a commission will not pay much.

For those interested:

-The method of payment (and only accept) Is Paypal.

-The cost will depend on the complexity and how many characters are wanted in the drawing.

-Once the slot is occupied, I will update it on my main page, and I will not accept another until it is...
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Lack of time Posted 2 years ago
First of all, a general apology to the people who have tried to send me a message and also to those who made a request, the problem is that, until a few weeks ago I was totally available to draw and make requests from you and for you, unfortunately already I do not have time (again) since I am returning to school and this is very demanding, I hope you understand, I do not know until when I can continue with the drawings, an apology