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Commissions are Closed until Further Notice. Posted 3 years ago
Hey guys. Posted 3 years ago
Miss me?

Posting a truckload of art, AND announcing Pokemon / Digimon themes at a discount for a limited time.

Be watching!
Commissions are Open, and some Themes are Discounted. Posted 3 years ago
I wasn't kidding from the April Fool's Day journal.

Since I’m on a Themed Commission roll, I’m going to give commission discounts got the following themes:

VG Cats – In celebration of Scott successfully funding his VG Lewds patreon.

Pokemon / Digimon – Because I’m in a ‘mon mood.

StarFox. – Because Krystal / Miyu / etc.

Note me if you’d like anything!
Sketch Commissions Open! Posted 3 years ago
Yup. And this time, on-sale.

20 for a single-person sketch (or a single pred with a hardly-seen prey)
25 for two-person sketch.

CV / Tailvore / Breast + Nipplevore is main preference, but if you have other ideas, let me know.
Special Commission-based Stream Today! Posted 5 years ago
Alright.. so I DO have to break from the 'commissions closed' thing for a little while, but on special terms, and only until I've accumulated enough to help pay off some debts of mine (and hopefully enough to start making plans for a move.)

For today:

I'll be doing primarily Pokemon-based vorish stuff. Can be wing-it, or can have details behind it.

THIS will be done at a Colored-sketch level, though the price will be reduced from the normal $30 to $20, and each additional character being $5 instead of the usual $15.

HOWEVER: If you'd prefer something Non-Pokemon, price can still be reduced to $25 for single base character, and the $5 additional-character charge remains.

The theme'll be mainly cockvore and...
[ Continued ... ]
So.. Commissions're open now! Posted 6 years ago
After taking a LONG-ass time to complete my last list, I'll be taking first-come, first-serve commissions now~ Slime / Cock / Tentacle / Breast Vore stuff is fine, as is any kinda vanilla stuff!

Let me know what you'd want, and I can offer ye a decent price : >