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In need of change Posted 7 months ago
Well, I'm in need of change. The new tablet arrived and that means i can't wasit a lot of time and practice drawing on it. Don't know when i'll be back to drawing commissions, i'm gonna try and finish some unfinish drawings that only needed coloring. But i will try and use what remains of this month to have a small start over.

I do have plans up ahead once i finish practicing with the tablet such as a small free Sketches event, and to try and have running a SFW patreon by the end of this year. I hope you will support me on this trobling times since i'm somewhat running low on money and i need to pay my collage deep.

as always, stay safe and have a nice day
I don't like what i'm feeling. Posted 1 year ago
Hello, It's a me! Sorry i didn't post for a while and also for not saying this sooner. I had a visit to my psychiatrist and she conferm what i was feeling for a while now, turns out i have a case of depression and a big one. It got to the point i'm hearing voices in my sleep so I'm not getting a lot of good night sleep. I'm taking a break from university for that reason. I'm also gonna try to finish the commissions i have and stay close for a while until i feel like i no longer have depression.

I also forgot to post what little i did during this times so I'm gonna post them soon.

Have a good day and stay safe, ThefoxMask.
I have no idea what happened Posted 1 year ago
Hello, I am corrently having some problems in my home, mainly that the internet is gone... Again. So I won't be able to upload as much as i lick mostly becous the only thing with internet is my phone, and i do not plan to upload using my phone becous it take far more time then in the computer, plus there is a chance the hall web page will reset if i where to even try. (God knows how many times I did...)

I am going to find the time to draw the commissions after I finish my homework however I do not think I can upload anything until Noveber 13 onward.

Have a good day and stay safe, TheFoxMask.
My current work place Posted 1 year ago
I am corrently not in my normal work place, thanks to the fact that my home is having internet problems. So I am corrently staying with one of my family members house in order to get some of the university work done. This also means that any vore related content won't be made for a while under the internet back home get cerded. But the time i will spawn where i am now will be around a week, so I'm gonna try to use must of my free time to practice more in the drawings and comics... And also animation wish I still need to try and find a way to share them here.

Any how, I hope you are all ok, and have good week.
My God... Posted 1 year ago
goodmorning, goodafternoon, and goodnight.

I'm gonna be far more serious on this little blog today, today my neighbor, that was a friend from childhood, a good man and machanic, had an accident and i wish it not to be true but he has pass away right in front of my eyes. I tryed to help, but my hands are now shaking to this vary moment i am trying to write this.

please stay safe, ThefoxMask.
Well... Thats not good. Posted 1 year ago
Hello, I'm having a little big of personal problem in my university, mainly that i'm not gonna get any help in paying the collage dept and i'm going to have to pay with the money i have and in all honesty i don't have. So i'm going to increas the slots of commissions back to 10 slots, i will reset the slots, eraseing the commissions i have done in order to have more commissions to earn money to pay for my classes.

I don't want to raise the cost of commissions mostly becous i'm still not very confident that i'm actualy worth much.

i wish to end this with the simple "stay save and have a good live" i normally writ, but as i sit here writing this i already having problems breathing thanks to my fragile mind and lungs. Like my name suggest it, i am trying to...
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special day, but lots of work... Posted 1 year ago
Hello, i'm correndly taking two difirent clases this months, one being storyboarding and the other being animation. And aldo today was suppose to me my special day, i spended mostly trying to draw an animation, i do not know if i will post it here, including the charecter i made for the class, but in all honesty i do not know if i'm even going to use the skills learned here.

In the end of it all, commissions are open with three slots left.

Stay safe and have a nice weeken, ThefoxMask.
New OC out of an old sketch? Posted 1 year ago
Hello, i'm correndly having problems to draw lately so i can find the time to finish the last commission i have to start a new week of commissions, so in order to combat this small situation i decided to make an old Sketch i made into an OC. how she look is very simple, what isnt so simple is who and what she'll be. so i'm gonna let you guy's pick her name.

I do plan to make her clothe a little more different, but i do want to keep her looking how she so not much will be change. As for what she will be, pred and/or prey that two i wish to leave to you as i work on her full redesigning and backstory.

As for the commissions, i am not one who likes to break promesis so they will remain...
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Spcial commission event! Posted 1 year ago
Good morning, good afternoon, and good night, today i'm going to be starding to take commissions for coloring with two charecters, i do not now if i'm even ready to make such a thing but like somebody allways said "you'll never know until you try"... so i'm going to try and i may fail. Asside of that i am now oppening for sketch commissions and if you go to see my commission status you'll see that option is some what empty, this means you can commission any type of sketch wheter it be a comic sketch, multiple charecters or a small charecter sketch for any that may want there own OC.(this means that i will need a full discription of the charecter and/or comic.)

The price will difer for each commission, any color and/or non color will be double the price per charecter....
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New computer Posted 1 year ago
Hello I'm here to say that i finally have a new computer to work on so i can possible be able to work on many things, the bad thing is that the computer is new so I'm stuck correndly using Krita as my best way to draw but i still don't know how to use krita.

Hopefully I can get back into commissions by learning from what feels like almost zero, but like a great man one said,"you can draw with almost anything, all you need to do is practice." And practice I will...tomorrow.